Heartiest Congratulations to Umat -e-Muslima!

Pakistanis succeeded in putting up the World’s first Masjid using CHANDI TECHNOLOGY in Baabra Goth (District Thatta) on 19 Rabi ul Awal, while the foundation was laid on the auspicious day of12th Rabi ul Awal.
Using modular pre-fabricated blocks and panels, the Masjid cum Madrassa was installed by 3 full-time workers as well as bystanders pitching in off and on.

The unique feature of the CHANDI MASJID (as it has been named) is that in the morning ,the Masjid being closed from all sides will function as a Madrassa.
When ever a large number of people have to be accomodated , the blocks will be easily removed and the Masjid will then become more spacious.
The installation of the World’s most hi- tech Masjid has turned out as a blessing from the Almighty,as it has generated the hope and will among the rural people,that now they will have access to durable and affordable houses.



Can rural Pakistan’s Mud houses be replaced

Can rural Pakistan’s Mud houses be replaced with cool, clean CHANDI GHARS – KARACHI’S GIFT TO THE WORLD!

Before answering this question, let us acknowledge the fact that we have to give our rural people a durable house. That is IF

  1. We don’t want our cities to be bombarded with people from the villages, leaving us with little water and air.
  2. If we want cheap food. Where will it come from, if not from the farmers who must have a decent house to live in.
  3. If we want our traders and business men to convert our waste material into Chandi Technology (Prefabricated Blocks and Panels) and sell them as houses to the rural population.

Now the time has come for our BUSINESS MEN to come forward and