Gul Bahao to put up Chandi Ghars in Tharparkar

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Gul Bahao letter head

Dear Friends,

A Gul Bahao team is ready to leave for Mithi (Tharparkar) any day to

  1. Complete and upgrade the visitor’s hall (using Chandi technology) it has put up in the civil hospital of Mithi in the month of April
  2. To put up one unit Chandi Ghars for the people
  3. To distribute its latest research product “Mithai” which is cheap,highly nutritious as well as delicious.

We would be extremely grateful if you could support us with some funds so that we are able to leave at the earliest. Contributions may be put in any branch of First Women Bank – Gul Bahao account no. 0007-001-85781-0001

Yours Sincerely,

Nargis Latif (managing trustee)

Gul Bahao

Chandi technology delights people of Thar

Thar Hospital Waiting Room

Thar Hospital Waiting Room

In the treeless desert of  Tharparkar the scene is the Civil Hospital of Mithi. At the entrance everyone ( both rich and poor) stops to stare at a 25×35 ft. silver structure glittering in the hot sun. They  have never seen a Chandi Ghar (a product of Karachi) before. As they enter they are pleasantly surprised to find it cool despite the absence of fans and air conditioners.

The Chandi ghar Rest house, a prefabricated structure was completed in five days by an NGO Gul Bahao on the 12th of April. It is a gift from the middle class civil society of Karachi for the people of Thar. City School Darakshan Campus ,Foundation Public School and Rotary Club Defence are the apparent donors of the rest house but silent donors run into hundreds. These include professionals,teachers,businessmen,as well as companies who give their commercially viable wastage  for free.

The rest house is being used since the day the roof was put in. it is mainly used by the relatives of patients who come to the hospital. A plus point of the structure is its potential to remain clean as the entire structure is made of plastic. There is a total absence of mud or cement. Its sheer novelty is attracting people from far and wide who are now interested in buying this technology to make homes,madrassas,warehouses etc.

In the meantime,the CEO of Gul Bahao has appealed to both the provincial and federal government, Karachi’s businessmen and entrepreneurs to support the Chandi technology which has costed crores of rupees to develop and decades to evolve. Referring to the governments Youth loan program Nargis Latif said  that the Chandi technolgy ( which uses plastic factory waste to make houses,water reservoirs, furniture  and rugs) can become a part of the scheme. The best part is that very little investment is required while the market potential is enormous!

Prefabricated warehouse for relief of Earthquake victims of Awaran, Balochistan

Photograph of Chandi Ghar prefabricated warehouses for relief of earthquake victims of Awaran, Balochistan taken in October 2013

Photograph of Chandi Ghar prefabricated warehouse for relief of earthquake victims of Awaran, Balochistan taken in October 2013

Gul Bahao constructed a warehouse using its Chandi Ghar technology for the victims of the 2013 Earthquake that occured in Awaran, Balochistan.