Yesterday Nargis Latif met the Chairman Katchi Abadis, Mr. Pir Baksh Jamali in his Office and briefed him about Gul Bahao’s upcoming Project “Busti-Benazir”. She explained that there is a pun on the word “Benazir” which means unique. The Scheme located on Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal is actually meant to act as a model for the world and to act as an extension arm for the research work, experiments and innovations of Gul Bahao. These innovations include:

  • Chandi Ghar – low cost pre-fabricated houses made from non-toxic industrial waste like aluminium foil, shopping bags, thermopole etc.
  • Income generating activities like making fodder packets, Safai/Kamai banks, an updated version of the Kabarias.
  • Paaki Pani – a simple water purification technique which is extremely low cost as well.

Nargis said the focus would be on the Chandi Ghar so that a parallel construction industry which could be used in special conditions like military purposes, oil rigging and especially in disaster management and could which could also be used for export purposes as well. Nargis further said that Gul Bahao’s innovations would not only help the country but could also bring much needed recognition and fame to Pakistan.

Mr. Pir Baksh said that he was very much impressed by the briefing and offered to involve Gul Bahao in a low cost housing Scheme in Thatta where the Government intends to build 210 houses on 80 sq.yards plots spread over 10 acres. Mr. Pir Baksh Jamali said the price of the Chandi Ghar Rs.15,000/- (Fifteen thousands) per unit was very attractive. Given the difficult economic conditions, Nargis even offered to make these houses on barter basis. She said if the Sindh Government gives its waste paper to Gul Bahao, the revenue so generated would be used for building the pre-fabricated houses which have tremendous qualities, one of them being longevity.

In the meantime, Nargis Latif met the Provincial Minister Mrs. Tauqeer Fatima Bhutto at the Sindh Secretariat. Ms. Bhutto said she was actively lobbying for the Chandi Ghar and would like one to be put up in Larkana near the mausoleum of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. She said she was trying to have a “Busti Benazir” put up in the earthquake affected areas of Baluchistan. To this Nargis Latif replied that Gul Bahao has a good deal of experience in working in earthquake affected areas in 2005 earthquake. Then, Gul Bahao’s team had set up several houses in District Mansehra under the supervision of the Army Welfare Centre.

Gul Bahao’s Project “Busti-Benazir” presented to Chairman Katchi Abadis, Mr. Pir Baksh Jamali