For the last two weeks or so the Submarine Chowk of Clifton has been presenting a rare spectacle, the “Chandi Ghar”.  Lacs of vehicles pass by with the passengers staring in amazement at the beautiful piece of architecture glittering in the bright sunlight. The main entrance has two banners (in Urdu and English).  One carries the letters “Donate your recyclable garbage for flood affectees”

The scheme is unique. According to  Mohammad Hannan, Gul Bahao’s spokesman, Clifton being the rich man’s home throws up millions of rupees worth of waste paper, plastic ,metal everyday. if people bring these in, the money will be enough to build thousands of Chandi Ghars for the flood affectees, he said confidently. Continuing he said “If every flood affectee gets a Chandi Ghar, he will remain in his village to carry on his “Zamindari” and will not need to move into the cities and cause  overcrowding , which ultimately is the cause of tension and breakdown of the system .

The Chandi Ghar is truly a magnificent innovation “A gift from Karachi to the World” – the title of an exhibition to be held in January when foreign diplomats will be especially invited. The Chandi Ghar was not made in a single day, It took the organization 17 years and more than 8 crores, the spokesman says emphatically. Mohammad Hannan regretted that the media has given a one sided coverage of the Chandi Ghar and associated it only with waste management. The truth of the matter is that it has brought in a new technology which despite being high tech(the raw material i.e plastic is highly affordable, is highly affordable as well. It is not only useful in disaster management, once it enters the  market, new vistas will open up and “its applications will be much more than its innovators ever dreamed of “. The exhibition to be held in January will also showcase the modular nature of the wastic blocks (or building blocks) of the Chandi Ghar. The same blocks can be alternately used to make beds, sofas, swimming pools, fishponds etc.

The Chandi Ghar on Submarine Chowk has raised a good deal of interest in people from different walks of life especially people from different walks of life. More important it is helping to raise the spirits of the people who want to rise above the uncertainity and depression which has overtaken the people of this humungous city. Here it may be recalled that the City school PAF chapter has been the most enthusiastic partner providing both moral and material support for putting up the Chandi Ghar.

Kindly put your valuable 1,000 ( one thousand ) Rupees in First Women Bank, Gul Bahao account no 0007001857810001 or Allied Bank, Nargis Latif acc. no.0010032750390011( 0159 branch code –  One Unit costs Rs. 40,000 with double ceiling). You can also make your donation via western union. For information about making a donation please contact us or inform us on telephone numbers 021-32250452,0333-8869491, 0300-6628697 or through SMS.

Chandi Ghar hall attracts millions on Submarine Chowk of Clifton