Chandi Ghar

Dear Sir,

Gul Bahao has been putting up prefabricated structures called Chandi Ghar for the last several years. The Chandi Ghar made its debut in the earthquake of 2005 in the Mansehra region. With the passage of time thanks to continuous research and experimentation we have come up with a product which is quick to put up long lasting, clean, good looking and very cost effective (between Rs,15,000 – 25,000 ) So far in the last several years we have been able to put up more than 80 Chandi Ghars in Mansehra, Muzzafarghar and Thatta as well as the slum areas of Karachi.

Now we plan to put up 10 ‘x12’ sized Chandi Ghars in flood affected areas of the country with the help of other NGOs as well as through administrative help from the government of the relevant districts at the earliest possible.

The importance of this scheme lies not only in the immediate putting up of these houses but also as a model to be emulated all over the world.

I therefore appeal to you in all earnestness to support us by donating for as many houses as is possible. We on our part will make sure that your help is acknowledged and publicized.

Yours Sincerely,
Nargis Latif (Managing trustee Gul Bahao)

Chandi Ghars for flood affectees
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