Once again Pakistan is being devastated by floods which are wiping away peoples homes. Gul Bahao has come up with a solution. The Chandi Ghar a prefabricated house which can be put up and dismantled easily and quickly. For the last several years several Chandi Ghars have been put up in earthquake affected areas, flood affected areas and where fires have broken out. What is more Karachi’s premier factories are providing some of the raw material free of cost so that a one unit house will cost as little as 40,000 rupees. So please help!.

Kindly help us by donating. We accept payments from western union. For information about making a donation please contact us or inform us on telephone numbers 021-32250452,0333-8869491, 0300-6628697 or through SMS. ( One Unit costs Rs. 40,000 with double ceiling).

Donation for flood affectees
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