Yesterday, Nargis Latif of Gul Bahao was invited as guest speaker by Mr. Sultan Raza faculty member of the Institute of Business Administration to speak to the students. After the opening remarks of Mr. Raza, a bouquet was presented to Nargis Latif. Nargis said that Gul Bahao’s thirteen years of research has yielded the slogan of “Karachi’s Gift to the world”. According to her these “gifts” include “Paaki Paani”, (water purifying method), Chandi Ghar (alternate housing), Instant Compost (organic fertilizer), fuel pack (alternate fertilizer). Nargis claimed that some individuals have even begun to plagiarize these innovations

Nargis revealed that Gul Bahao’s latest innovation Fuel Packs has come at a time when the issue of cheap fuel has become one of the greatest challenges. Giving details of this, Nargis said that the organization had a contract for collecting waste material from 200 Factories which enabled it to experiment. The result she said has come out in the shape of a block weighing 10-12 kilos of size 6x17x21 inches. The contents are mostly wood waste and other non toxic waste. It has been tried experimentally and gives best results in furnaces where it has shown to have a good burning quality.

Nargis said that the vast majority of people are still unfortunately not aware of Gul Bahao’s program. For this groundwork has been done to bring university students, faculty members, research workers, businessmen, professionals such as architects, social workers and N.G.O’s counselors and Nazims of UCs as well as government functionaries on one platform. The result she said will be the formation of a body which will support and monitor Gul Bahao’s working. The coming week Gul Bahao has announce a meeting of all these stakeholders at a local hotel.

Giving an example of businessmen seeking involvement in her programs she gave the example of a manufacturer of P.E.T bottles. She said that she approached the proprietor of ECO Pack that his bottles could be used by millions of people for purifying their drinking water by the simple technique called Paaki Paani, innovated by Gul Bahao. At the same time she said that good and cheap raw material for making these would come from the Safai Kamai banks, a concept given by Gul Bahao. Infact she said that the industry as a whole would gain tremendously from the Safai Kamai bank, which will provide the necessary raw material for the industry.

A student from the audience remarked that the Safai Kamai bank is in fact a copy of our Kabari system. Why does Gul Bahao claim it to be its own creation? To this Nargis Latif replied that just as the financial bank is in fact a modern version of the usurers business, the supermarket a modern version of the grocery shop, the Safai Kamai is the 21st century version of the Kabari. Nargis Latif said that it is a law of history that new ideas take time to be acceptable. The C.N.G or L.P.G gas for transport was not being taken seriously by the people for a long time. Similarly Gul Bahao’s innovations will have to go through the test of time.

The speaker regretted that there is an over emphasis on high tech. People forget that China’s economy today is in fact the end result of the simple technology developed during the socialist revolution, when hard work and creative thought was harnessed to revive the economy. Mao Tse Tung spoke of “Let a thousand flowers bloom”. Concluding Nargis Latif said Gul Bahao is going to give yet another slogan: “Zindagi Ban Jai Sasti aur Aasaan”

Entrepreneurship and Gul Bahao lectured at IBA