Yesterday, Gul Bahaos Nargis latif met the president and vice president of FPCCI, Haji Sherani and Mr. Shakeel Dhingra. Nargis said that Gul Bahaos campaign “Garbage is Gold”, “Employment – unlimited” and its famous innovation “Chandi Ghar” are set to have impact on the economy of the country. In addition, its other innovations costing millions of rupees are making inroads into education, health, power generation agriculture, industry including the construction industry right up to cleaning the environment. The president of the FPPCI immediately extended an invitation to address a forthcoming meeting of the ABAD (Association of Builders and developers).

In the meantime there has been intense interaction between students of Universities and Gul Bahao for extending internships for students in its scheme “Rozgar La mehdood” or “Employment –unlimited” . Recently groups of students came from Dawood Engineering University as well as Szabist . While the managing trustee of Gul Bahao addressed students of the Chemistry department of the Karachi University. Throwing a challenge at the Chemistry students, Nargis said manufacture of transparent pet bottles is the need of the hour. She said the potential market is the crores of Pakistani people who desperately need clean water. The manufacturers she said would only have to propagate the concept of the Paaki Pani (As researched by Gul Bahao) and which has been endorsed by the Dow University of Sciences which is simply putting bottles of tap water in the sun for an hour or so. This solar treatment results in water purification without destroying essential minerals.

Welcoming the students of Dawood college of Architecture Nargis likened the invention of the Chandi Ghar to that of the ubiquitous mobile phone which has changed the lives of the people. And just as the inventor of the mobile never dreamed of the multiple uses of the mobile phone so too the mobile house or “Chandi Ghar” will throw up avenues Gul Bahao never dreamt off. Showing the students around the Chandi Ghar plant Nargis said the Chandi Ghar (prefabricated house) consists of modular blocks which can be alternately used for making something as complex as a two storey house or as simple as a sofa or bed. Nargis said that scores of Chandi Ghars have been put up in both remote areas as well as the bustling city of Karachi.

Giving one instance where the Wastic blocks (component of the Chandi Ghar) could be used by factory owners Nargis explained Millions of rupees worth of goods lying under the open skies can now be secured from the impending rains by simply making a platform from these blocks and putting the goods on top of them . This is specially so for low lying areas. She said that recently the navy personnel were very keen to put up the Chandi Ghars in the coastal areas. Their contention was that in the coastal areas no construction material has been able to withstand the corrosive effect of the sea breeze which is why the Chandi Ghar (made of plastic material) would have an advantage.

The head of the Gul Bahao Organisation informed the students that recently a breakthrough came in the person of the the CEO of Bayer pharmaceuticals who installed a Chandi Ghar in his home and entertained his guests (who included personell from the diplomatic corps) in it. He kept insisting that the Chandi Ghar was ideal for marriage halls.
Gul Bahao is now actively conducting a recruitment program for inducting students in the Chandi Ghar marketing program which again is a part of its program of “Employment unlimited.”

Nargis Latif meets President of Federation Of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry