Yesterday, Gul Bahao’s fifteenth anniversary was observed at the Gul Bahao complex located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The luncheon meeting attended by supporters and sympathizers was held in the Chandi Ghar Hall made from clean industrial waste. Giving the background of Gul Bahao movement, its founder and Managing Trustee, Nargis Latif said that the last fifteen years were the toughest in her life. Only after tremendous sacrifices on the part of her team and herself that the Organization has been able to make a name for itself.

Amidst cheers from the audience Nargis said that Gul Bahao’s research work is slowly becoming a centre of attraction for the world. Amongst those who have interacted and visited the Gul Bahao’s Research Centre include representative of the Supreme Court of India, German Consul General, World Bank Consultant, CNN, Clinton Foundation, Chinese delegation and French nationals. On a local level, it is continually attracting students from different Universities of Karachi, namely NED, Dawood College and Karachi University as well as members of local bodies from all over Sindh.

Nargis Latif said the change in society comes in more than one ways viz:

  • Political revolution
  • Discoveries/innovations

She said that Gul Bahao has opted for the latter. Giving the example of British and American teenagers James Watt and the Wright brothers, she said the former introduced the steam engine which became the harbinger of the industrial revolution while the latter brought up the first aeroplane which transformed the whole world. Nargis claimed that in the same manner Gul Bahao has in the last fifteen years introduced simple techniques which can radically change the socio economic conditions of the country. Here it may be mentioned that Gul Bahao’s innovations are multisectoral  they include :

  • New kind of prefabricated construction
  • Water purification method
  • New kind of fuel
  • The Safai/Kamai Bank
  • Cheap fodder and compost

During the meeting Urdu translations of the verses of the Holy Quran were read out which it was pointed out is an essential part of Gul Bahao’s movement. Nargis said that there is very close nexus between research work and religion and every discovery that Gul Bahao has made is a reminder of God’s existence. Referring to Sura Fatiha, she said it exhorts people to praise God and one of the ways to praise God is to make discoveries and thank God for it.

15th Anniversary of Gul Bahao