Yesterday, Nargis Latif of Gul Bahao met the president of the FPCCI Mr. Tanvir Sheikh and other office bearers including Mr. Shakil Dhingra at the head office of this premier institution. Nargis Latif said Gul Bahaos 14 years of research and extension has the potential of changing the entire economy of the city. Prominent among its innovations which are directly going to impact the economy she said was the Safai /Kamai bank, the Chandi Ghar or prefab housing, and fuel pack which is fuel for running power plants. Nargis Latif said the factors which have supported these innovations are:

  1. A high level of urbanization and population
  2. Immigrants who are highly innovative
  3. Clear skies for the greater part of the year

Nargis said that Gul Bahao from the time of its inception has been spreading the word that most of municipal waste is raw material for industry which will bring down the cost of production. Its staff of seventy to eighty young men for years has conducted campaigns allover the city motivating junk dealers (with cash as well as gold) to trade in assorted garbage. This methodology ensured that the garbage was clean and fit to be raw material for industry including cottage industry as well as large scale manufacturing industry. Nargis claimed its collection points or Safai/Kamai banks at weekly bazaars motivated women to separate their garbage into dry and wet or so that they would be in prime condition for industry.

As part of the presentation the Managing Trustee of Gul Bahao showed photographs and CDs of the Chandi Ghar, (Prefab Systems), a totally new technology innovated by Gul Bahao which took years to develop. Nargis said these Prefab Systems can become part of large scale manufacture, they may be exported, they may be used in the following situations:

  1. During Haj, a huge market is available for the Pakistani exporters would have a monopoly on this technology.
  2. For relief work in earthquakes tsunami and other natural disasters and wars etc.
  3. For military purposes.
  4. For oil rigging.
  5. Medical camps.
  6. Tourist industries.
  7. For camps in big cities on prime land to be used as election camps, mobile schools, advertising purposes etc.

Nargis Latif regretted that the pioneering work done by Gul Bahao has not received the support it should have from the business community. It has had to borrow from Money Lenders at exorbitant interest rates of 80-120%. The office bearers of the FPCCI gave a patient hearing to Nargis’s presentation . Mr. Tanveer sheikh presented a cheque of Rs. 300,000/- (three lacs) in his personal capacity and promised more help in the future.

Gul Bahao’s innovations presented to President of The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry