Chandi Ghar put up at Thatta

Pictures of the “KHUSHHALI BOMB,” Pakistan Exploded on the 14th of August 2018 in a village of district Thatta called Goth Faqir Mohammed Rajero.

Using the CHANDI TECHNOLOGY, a Karachi based invention, (consisting of PRE-FAB blocks and panels), the villagers were amazed to see that most of the necessities of life viz. Water Reservoir, Mobile Toilet, a Spacious Room, Bed, Sofa etc.took only a few minutes or hours to assemble.

Here, it may be remembered that District Thatta is known to be the Gateway of Islam in the subcontinent. Will it also be the nursery of Pakistan’s KHUSH HALI Bomb?


Gul Bahao puts up Chandi Ghar at Thatta