A meeting presided by Special Assistant to Chief Minister Mr. Zia-ul-Islam was held at the Chief Minister Secretariat where Gul Bahao’s Nargis Latif was invited to brief Officials belonging to the City Government and the Sindh Secretariat. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss Gul Bahao’s innovation “Chandi Ghar”.

Nargis Latif said that Gul Bahao’s Chandi Ghar should not be devalued because of its low cost and neither should it be limited to a mere project of an NGO. On the contrary, Nargis claimed that it is a unique innovation – the first one of its kind in the world. Its good looks makes it exotic looking she said fit to be used by the Head of State.

In a sharp rebuttal to one of the participant’s questions, Nargis explained that that contrary to some misconceptions the Chandi Ghar is extremely hygienic and can be put to a variety of purposes like;

1) During Haj where temporary housing is required
2) For relief work in earthquakes, tsunami and other natural disasters and wars etc.
3) For military purposes, in war games or in real life battles
4) For oil riggings
5) Mining exploration
6) Tourist industries on the coast as well as in mountainous areas
7) Research work in inhospitable terrain
8) For law enforcing agencies such as guards 80 for mobile schools hospitals
9) Camps on prime land in big cities to be used temporarily. In other words wherever a structure is required immediately in a maters of hours and dismantled quickly they are the answer. Unlike other conventional prefabricated structures Nargis said these are insulated as well as fire resistant.

To a question from the participants about what Gul Bahao expects from the government Nargis replied that the government should immediately call an exhibition cum conference to discuss the importance of the Chandi Ghar its potential in business, export and linking business with research work She said that stakeholders to be invited to this conference should be businessmen, exporters, builders, engineers architects, faculty and students of different universities and as well as the informal sector comprising junk dealers.

To the question why it has not caught on as yet, Nargis replied that is the case with all new innovations that they are always rejected in the beginning. Giving the example of the CNG gas she said six years ago, right from the rickshaw drivers, Suzuki owners, truck drivers, everybody said it would spoil the engines but after years of painstaking marketing things have changed, she said.

Summing up the meeting, Mr Zia-ul-Islam said that the government would give serious consideration to Gul Bahao’s proposals.

Gul Bahao’s innovations presented to Special Assistant to Chief Minister Mr. Zia-ul-Islam