Yesterday, Gul Bahao’s Nargis Latif addressed the senior students of City School PAF Campus. According to her Gul Bahaos innovations can easily turn the tide in Pakistan’s favor especially in the strife torn Karachi. She said that a major reason for Karachi’s turmoil is the overcrowding of the metropolis. Referring to Mao Tse Tungs China she said the key to Chinas success was moving the population from big cities to the countryside and forming new towns and cities. In any case she said that our Sindhi villagers are quite happy in their villages. It is only the floods which after destroying their houses render them penniless and they have to flee to the cities.

The managing trustee of Gul Bahao claimed that Gul Bahao’s Chandi Ghar is the ideal solution for our flood affected areas. Being prefabricated these houses can be put up in hours and dismantled just as quickly. The building blocks called wastic blocks are huge 6X17X21 and made of plastic material. They are extremely strong against the elements as well as long lasting. She explained research on this innovation cost her organization 80 million rupees and took 17 years to develop. She pointed out that it has been put up in several places and stood the test of time. Giving one example she said that Gul Bahao’s office is located in one such Chandi Ghar for the last four years and has survived cyclones and heavy downpours. She revealed that its advantage is its very low cost (between Rs.20,000-40,000) having size 20’x20’. This is because the raw material i.e plastic foil is being supplied in tonnes by big multinational companies.

Nargis revealed that recent delegations from UNDP, UNESCO and Pakistani born Britishers came to study this new innovation at Gul Bahao’s set up Gulshan-e-Iqbal. She said the organization has attracted organizations as diverse as Clinton foundation, German embassy, French nationals, CNN, Supreme Court of India etc.

Here it may be mentioned that the City school PAF Chapter has been helping the Gul Bahao organisation in its campaign for collecting funds through Garbage collection and the talk was arranged by the school for helping Gul Bahao to build houses for the flood affectees.

Kindly put your valuable 1,000 ( one thousand ) Rupees in First Women Bank, Gul Bahao account no 0007001857810001 or Allied Bank, Nargis Latif acc. no.0010032750390011( 0159 branch code –  One Unit costs Rs. 40,000 with double ceiling).

Key to Pakistan’s success – expanding small cities