Gul Bahao’s Nargis latif has been lobbying with provincial parliamentarians for its project Busti Benazir. For this she has met practically all the ministers and MPAs of the ruling party. Prominent among these are Mr Murad Ali shah, Rafiq Engineer, Nadir Magsi, Dost Muhammad Bhurt. Jam Mehtab, Manzoor Wassan, Tauqeer Fatima Bhutto etc. Nargis emphasized that this project is unique and bids farewell to all conventional modes of development in vogue. This is why it is called Benazir meaning unique, she explained. Nargis further explained that the project mirrors the People’s Party’s slogan of “Roti Kupra aur Makan”. She said that in the short run the project will provide low cost houses for the poorest of the poor while in the long run it will help to change the entire socio-economic condition of society, since it covers sectors of society as diverse as, health, business, agriculture, livestock, environment, education and housing. Having spent eight crores and spent sixteen years on its research activities, Gul Bahao is now in a position to advise the government on many developmental issues. Nargis said that it would be a pity if the government failed to make use of these hard earned inventions which are both simple and extremely cost effective. Further more Nargis claimed that since no one in the world has come up with these innovations, they would make a big name for the country as well. Gul Bahao feels an emotional attachment with Benazir as it was during her second rule that an atmosphere was created which brought into existence a research organization like Gul Bahao and what better way to celebrate Mohtarma’s birthday than to announce the establishment of Busti Benazir. Several parliamentarians have extended their support and contributed to the fund for establishing Busti Benazir.

Gul Bahao CEO meets provincial parliamentarians for project Busti Benazir