“BUSTI Benazir” a unique exhibition was held for two days at the Gul Bahao Complex located in Gulshan-e- Iqbal on Sunday and Monday. PPP’s General Secretary for Sindh, Mr. Taj Haider was the Chief Guest at the event which was sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Department Sindh.

The exhibition was a combination of the scientific and the cultural. The open air exhibition presented a lively scene of bright colors and popular songs of the Peoples Party especially very moving songs about Benazir Bhutto

From time to time people were exhorted on the sound system to study the different innovations of Gul Bahao. (One of the speakers later on commented that it was sheer laziness on the part of the people that they have not responded as well as they should have to Gul Bhao’s innovations). On the other hand several instances were given of people having used the Paaki Paani and recovered from illnesses. Others are regularly using this technique as a water purifying method

The centre of attraction however was the Chandi Ghar a prefabricated house which lived upto its name every bit . Its spectacular beauty elicited a remark from a visitor Why! it is fit for the king …may be king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia .

Another major aspect of the exhibition was the Safai/Kamai Bank which according to Nargis Latif, (head, of the organization ) ‘‘is a modern day up gradation of the Kabaria where the instrument of banking is dry garbage’’.

The Chief Guest was taken around the exhibition. Deeply impressed with all that he saw he remarked that instead of looking to the government for jobs all the time people can earn their living through the different schemes devised by Gul Bahao.

A Government Official who had come to see the exhibition said that his Department is seriously looking in to adopting the model of the Chandi Ghar for the low income groups.

A delegation of the Agha Khan Community Development Department evinced keen interest in the prefabricated system and said they intend to have their workers trained in this new technology.

In the public meeting that was held later on, it was announced that A Busti Benazir exhibition cum seminar would be held twice a year on the occasions of the birth and death anniversaries of l the late Prime Minister Benazir.

Culture and Tourism Department Sindh sponsors Gul Bahao’s Busti Benazir exhibition