Gul Bahao has discovered a novel way of providing houses for flood affectees. For the last several months it has been collecting recyclable waste from schools, universities and factories. The waste has two components, one that is sold to fetch hard cash and the other used in making Chandi Ghar for as little as Rupees 25,000. Tons of aluminum foils are coming out from factories in the form of clean waste which are being used to make Wastic blocks (size 6 x 17 x 21) a major component of the Chandi Ghar.

After putting up these pre-fabs in Razzakabad and Thatta for the flood affectees, Gul Bahao is now set to put up a small village in an area close to Mandi Bahauddin, Bhakkar in district Muzaffargarh. The Chandi Ghars are being financed by a CBO of the area called Faizan while the transportation costs will be borne by Gul Bahao. In the beginning, 10 houses are being put up on a trial basis.

The CBO has promised to give a befitting welcome to the world’s first Chandi Ghar. Here it may be remembered that the Chandi Ghar is an innovation “made in Pakistan” and having several advantages over the conventional housing materials like portability, cost effectiveness, strong against the elements. Being modular, the blocks can be made alternatively into beds, sofas. Gul Bahao plans to put up its model village before the end of this year.

Prefabricated modular housing for flood affectees