Dear friends, Gul Bahao has been using its Chandi Ghar technology to put up prefabricated structures in disaster affected areas for the last 10 years or so in Mansehra, Muzzafargarh, Thatta, Awaran etc. you will be happy to know that our work is slowly but surely being recognized the world over. Our innovations are such that they can easily be used at extremely low cost and put up in a matter of hours or even minutes to give:

  1. structures-halls,rooms,water ponds,mobile toilets
  2. furniture-beds & chairs
  3. water purifying techniques
  4. cattle feed

an important duty we have assumed is acting as facilitators for relief workers so that they can get their act together. we now appeal to you to help us to help the people of Thar both directly and indirectly by donating what is easy for you by western union. for information about making a donation please contact us or inform us on telephone numbers 021-32250452,0333-8869491, 0300-6628697 or through SMS. Thanking you and god bless you

I am
yours sincerely,
Nargis Latif (managing trustee Gul Bahao)

Relief for people of Thar
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