Yesterday Nargis Latif met the speaker of the Sindh Assembly Mr. Nisar Khuro. She claimed that Gul Bahao’s 15 years of research work has brought up practical implementations of the government’s slogan of ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makaan’. In fact she said that it has gone one step ahead and the new slogan is ‘Karachi’s gift to the world’ that “we have come up with solutions which can help to change the world”. Now, she said that the ball is in the court of the government, wherein it can not only change the prevailing conditions of Pakistan but also make a name for itself in the comity of nations.

Speaker Nisar Khuro accepted the invitation to be chief guest at the inauguration of the Gul Bahao complex, Located on Main Rashid Minhas Rd. on Saturday the 29th of June.

Nargis Latif said that in the short run the complex will be doing the following:

  1. Providing cheap housing
  2. Providing cheap raw material for industry
  3. Teaching all and sundry about recycling and different ways income generation.

In the long run Gul Bahao plans to attract businessmen both from the formal and informal sectors and demonstrate how

  1. We can export pre fabricated houses
  2. Prepare cheap fodder for animals
  3. Cheap fuel can be provided for running power plants

Nargis Latif said that today we refer to the Chinese as an example but we forget that China has been built on the edifice of the Chinese revolution which in turn was built on sheer human hand work and no fancy technology was involved. In the meantime Nargis Latif is personally meeting different stake holders to come to the inauguration of Gul Bahao complex which will consist of

  1. Research centre for waste management
  2. Chandi Ghar- plant for pre fabricated construction
  3. Safai/Kamai bank- a collection point for assorted municipal waste
Gul Bahao CEO describes research work to speaker of the Sindh Assembly Mr. Nisar Khuro