Yesterday, Gul Bahao’s Nargis Latif delivered a lecture on the need for scientific research at an assembly of 500 (five hundred) “A” level students at the City School PAF chapter. Amidst burst of applause Nargis recalled how James Watt (the inventor of the steam engine) and the Wright brothers who invented the airplane who were teenagers like themselves were harbingers of the industrial revolution.

Nargis said that research is not a status symbol and should not be considered synonymous with impressive degrees, sophisticated laboratories and plenty of money. On the contrary giving the example of Gul Bahao she said that its innovations  have been conducted in slum areas using waste and therefore inexpensive. However, she quickly recalled that she herself having  a masters degree from Karachi university has been using her academic knowledge while working for Gul Bahao.

Exhorting the students to go into research in Environmental work Nargis said, Waste management is a very exciting field as it encompasses the entire industrial and metropolitan life. There is so much to pick and choose from. She revealed that Nadir Choudhry an ex student of the City school holding a masters in Computer Science and presently working in Sweden is running Gul Bahao’s website. According to her hundreds of people are regularly visiting this website. Many college and university students and research workers are taking help from it for their projects and theses etc.

The founder of Gul Bahao said that Gul Bahao has a long standing relationship with Karachi’s educational institutions. Many schools and universities are source of Gul Bahaos funding through providing recyclable waste free of cost. Some of the schools have even asked their students to bring their waste material from their homes.

Nargis listed the following immediate goals of Gul Bahao:

  1. Putting up Pakistan’s first Research Centre on Waste Management
  2. Providing cheap housing through its innovation of  Chandi Ghar.

Concluding, Nargis said that after spending more than 80 million rupees and seventeen years on its research work , Gul Bahao is poised to help the country get out of its socioeconomic morass. Comparing the work of Gul Bahao with that of the innovator James Watt, the innovator, she said that Gul Bahao has laid the foundation for a technological  revolution in Pakistan.

Scientific research “need of the hour”