On Saturday, Nargis Latif of Gul Bahao was invited to speak at the weekly meeting of the Rotary club, (sunset millennium) at Karachi’s Marriot hotel. The secretary Mr. Ahmed Ghulam Hussein introduced the speaker in the following words: “She is a life fellow of Ashoka Foundation, an American N.G.O. Her activities have been covered by BBC, ZEE T.V and most of the Pakistani channels, like ARY, Indus, P.T.V, AAJ, Sindh T.V etc.”

Without beating about the bush, Nargis said, her organization has come up with innovations which are “Karachi’s gift to the world”. “We are making history”, she said. These innovations include alternate housing (pre-fabricated housing made from plastic waste), alternate energy, garbage ‘n gold bank, water purify technique etc. “Let Karachi and its people own these innovations before the world takes them up”, she said. Gul Bahao has spent more than Rs 3 crores on these innovations, which are world class and which will make a name for Pakistan.

Nargis Latif said that a certain amount of interest has been generated amongst local entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business men in the “Chandi Ghar” or pre-fabricated housing. A well known business man, Mr. Siddique Skaikh has placed an order of a warehouse in “Landhi” and has even offered to market these “Chandi Ghars” in the future.

People in the interior of Sindh have shown a keen interest in these houses because of easy availability of land as well as the ease of putting up these structures. The latest development in this innovation is its insulation quality. The houses are very cool in summer and warm in winter, due to extensive use of aluminum foil.

During the talk Nargis was also asked questions about the environment. She said that these days there is a good deal of alarm being sounded in different forum about port Qasim and Karachi Port Trust in danger of being destroyed due to the pollution caused by the city’s sewage water. Nargis Latif said that now it has become absolutely necessary that the polluted water be stopped from entering the sea and rivers and that the sewage system is totally decentralized and the waste water is dealt with on an as is where is basis. This can only be done if trees and shrubs are grown along the sewage “Nallahs” to suck up the dirty water. Nargis said that aforestation in the cities should be linked up with sanitation. Fast growing trees may be grown for their wood which may be chopped occasionally to make room for more trees, while plantations should take place throughout the year. This way gutter water will be used up by shrubs and trees so that less and less of it falls into the rivers and seas. Also nurseries and gardens must be encouraged to use sewage water. Use of fresh water for horticulture must be discouraged.

Mr. Ahmed Bayat of the club while presenting his vote of thanks to the founder of Gul Bahao said that the club members would help to raise both funds and soft loans for the organization.

Chandi Ghar introduced at Rotary club Sunset Mellenium