Yesterday, Nargis Latif, Managing  Trustee of Gul Bahao had a detailed meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of Hamdard University, Dr Nasim  A. Khan.  In the University Campus at Madina-tul- Hikmat where she gave an elaborate account of  Gul Bahao’s  Research Centre in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Nargis claimed that the Centre has succeeded in providing answers to problems of waste management of one of the largest cities of the world i.e. Karachi. What is more, several of the products developed there are geared towards changing the economy as well. According to her Gul Bahaos latest innovations include “fuel pack” a low cost fuel for running power plants and Choora Chara” – fodder  for livestock. Nargis said that the task before the Centre is not only to innovate but to market and do the extensions work as well. In a hide bound society such as ours which she described as “lakeer key fakir”, there is initially a total rejection of anything new, original or creative. She regretted that a good deal of her time is spent in arranging funds for her research work.  Nonetheless she said that she never allowed her research work to suffer even if she had to borrow money from moneylenders at exorbitant rates of 100-120% rate of interest. She said she paid one moneylender eight lacs of rupees as interest for a principal amount of three lacs only. The V.C.  of Hamdard University  took keen interest in Nargis’s  presentation  and asked her to make a detailed survey of the University Campus to find how Gul Bahao’s research work could be applied to the Hamdard University . Dr Nasim offered to have installed Gul Bahaos Chandi Ghar or prefabricated housing in the campus. To start with, he said that the universities plant doing research work on alternative energy stands in need of such a structure. He said that if successful the Chandi Ghar (made from industrial waste) could be used copiously in the fast growing campus of the varsity.

Gul Bahao’s innovations presented to Vice Chancellor Hamdard University