Gul Bahao’s Nargis Latif has during the holy month of Ramazan been meeting important personalities of the city, wherein she has been outlining the organization’s several innovations which according to her can easily turn the economy around.

Recently Nargis Latif met the chairman of the Site Association Mr. Nisar Sheikhani and briefed him about how Gul Bahao’s campaign of  “you give us garbage, we give  you gold”  has yielded fruits for the business community as now they have access to cheap but good quality raw material. Nargis said that many Karachites are aware of the fact that for two years more than seventy young men from Gul Bahao used to collect assorted garbage from junk dealers in their Suzuki and Mazda trucks from all over the city, exhorting junk dealers to trade in every day waste material instead of restricting themselves to furniture and household items. Along with cash they used too give twenty four carat gold as an added incentive. The result was that more and more junk dealers started dealing in waste material which is in fact raw material for industry.

No doubt scavengers in the city were already collecting waste material from garbage dumps but Gul Bahao brought up a new brand of waste collectors and a system which was cleaner more organized and in line with the civilized worlds’ methodology of separation at source.

With the fall in the rupee value and imports becoming less competitive the sale of local waste material has risen to unprecedented heights. This has not only favored the middleman, the small businessman but has also led to the availability of cheaper alternative to imported waste material. In other words this is going to have a very good effect on our local industry as with imports becoming expensive local industry is bound to gear up.  Nargis claimed that the easy availability of raw material for industry is to some extent the result of Gul Bahao’s years of hard work and sacrifice.

Zakaat collection during ramazan