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Dear Friend,

May the peace of the almighty be upon you!

It was in 2005 during the disastrous earthquake in the northern areas that Gul Bahao started making low cost Chandi Ghars for the shelter-less. Ever since, whenever a disaster struck Pakistan, be it in Mansehra, Awaran (Baluchistan) the great deluge of 2010 affecting Thatta, Muzaffargarh, massive fire in Shanti Nagar (Gulshan-Iqbal), drought in Tharparkar, Gul Bahao has rushed to put up its prefabricated Chandi Ghars . These structures are put up in very little time. From a few days the installation time has dropped to a few hours. This despite the fact that the Chandi Ghars are as long lasting as houses made of stone or marble!.

While the number of houses put up may be symbolic only (not more than 150 houses, relief camps have been put up) the continuous work on this innovation has resulted in a boon not just for the disaster affectees of Pakistan but also for mankind as a whole. The Chandi Technology has the potential to change the world just like the mobile phone. Just as the mobile is multi functional so too the Chandi technology. Being modular it serves as a mobile toilet, a soft bed (fit for the king) tables, chairs and even a water reservoir!. A long lasting house strong against the elements and within the reach of the poorest of the poor. All because it took 22 years of hard and persistent work and an input of 9 crores from the wealthy and generous hearted people of Pakistan!.

Gul Bahao is also working on disaster management especially the heat wave in which it is planned to put up relief camps complete with a cooling pond and a mobile clinic. Here, it must be remembered that one of the best features of the Chandi Technology is its insular nature i.e it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

With the blessings of the almighty and your support Gul Bahao is planning on an ambitious program of replacing mud houses with Chandi Ghars. This is the need of the hour. Mud houses are problematic especially when heavy rains cause them to collapse and because they are hot beds of infectious diseases. Plastic material on the other hand is sterile by nature. Metalized film, a form of plastic is the raw material of the Chandi Ghar. This will ensure that people living in Chandi Ghars will be secured from many infectious diseases.

If our rural people start living in cool clean and weather resistant Chandi Ghars, they will not have to flock to major cities like Karachi and Lahore, rendering these megalopolises unsustainable.

We at Gul Bahao are assiduously spreading translations of the Holy Quran in 3 languages (Urdu, Sindhi and English). In order that our people are not deprived of the sacred words of the almighty due to their ignorance of the Arabic language.

Our past efforts and future plans for the upliftment of the Muslim Ummah makes us eminently eligible for your Zakat. Please put your contribution in First Women Bank Gul Bahao 0007 (branch code) 001-85781-0001, or Allied Bank, Nargis Latif 00100-3275039-0011-0159 (branch code) Do inform us through SMS or through Telephone numbers: 32250452, 0333-8869491 and 0301-2754469

Yours Sincerely,

Nargis Latif (managing trustee)

Zakaat for the Shelterless
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