Request for Zakaat

Dear Sir/Madam,  Aslama Alaikum.

This is to request you to give your Zakaat to Gul Bahao. As you are aware Gul Bahao has been working tirelessly for the upliftment of society since the last nineteen years. The circle of people being affected by its work is growing exponentially.

Thousands of people in Karachi have benefited from Gul Bahao’s scheme, “Kachra Do Sona Lo”. While Gul Bahao has discouraged scavenging from garbage dumps it has given the alternative of the Safai mein Kamai concept where wastage is bought and sold in a scientific and hygienic manner. Through this scheme Gul Bahao is fighting for its goal of employment unlimited. Poor people have been shown how to earn money honestly.

More than Twenty five lac rupees worth of Chandi Ghars (prefabricated shelters)  were put up in disaster affected areas of Mansehra, Muzzafargarh, Thatta, Awaran (Baluchistan) and Mithi (Tharparkar) during the last ten years. This also includes slum dwellers of Gulshan-e-Iqbal when their huts were burnt.

Our Research center which is also working as a Disaster Management Center has developed many other products and concepts of tremendous use to the common man. These include:

  1. Chandi block which is inter convertible into furniture, roofs, tarpaulins, shelters, small water reservoirs.
  2. Water purification technique.
  3. Cheap fodder for livestock
  4. Mobile toilets
  5. City farm

We have also conducted advocacy programs for the dissemination of authentic translations of the Holy Quran in three languages viz. Urdu, English and Sindhi. This has been in the form of exhibitions, producing cards, lectures, reading to the general public etc.

In order to achieve all this the organization has had to give tremendous sacrifices in terms of money, time and peace of mind.

We shall be extremely grateful if you would deposit your donation via western union. For information about making a donation please contact us or inform us on telephone numbers 021-32250452,0333-8869491, 0300-6628697 or through SMS.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,                    

Nargis Latif,

Managing Trustee,

Gul Bahao

Zakaat for Gul Bahao