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Dear Sir,

Gul Bahao has been relentlessly pursuing its research program for the last 22 years. A very useful product, the Chandi Technology whose raw material is metallic film/virgin material from plastic factories is one of the precious innovations. This has come about as a result of immense hard work and massive financial input from both the formal and informal sectors of society.

It may come as a pleasant surprise to you that reports about Gul Bahaos Chandi Technology has crossed

Pakistan’s boundaries and can be seen on websites throughout the world thanks to CNN, Voice of America, Aljazeera, Google, Yahoo and many more. In Pakistan millions of people have seen its different products in real life while thousands have actually used it. For the last ten years or so we have been putting up Chandi Ghars in different parts of Pakistan. Mansehra, Muzaffargarh, Thatta, Awaran and Mithi (Tharparkar) as well as in dozens of places in Karachi. All these structures number more than 150 which include spacious halls, class rooms, entertainment halls, warehouses, reception halls and much more. These structures have survived the test of time for as much as nine years (this technology is only 10 years old). The following results have been obtained:

  • They are durable, long lasting, strong against the elements i.e storms, rains, insects etc.
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Being essentially plastic in nature, they are clean

They have the following advantages:

  • Stunning looks. Its silver exterior glitters like silver or gold, depending upon the color of light falling on it
  • Highly affordable, less than half the cost of conventional structures at Rs.500-600/sq.ft
  • Quick to put up. Being prefabricated it takes hardly a day. Easily dismantled as well
  • Potential for in built cupboards
  • Interchangeable. The blocks and panels used in it can be changed into a water reservoir, a bed, table, sofa etc.

We strongly believe the Chandi technology will become an indispensable part of our lives just like the CNG Kits, Mobile phones, Solar panels and other modern innovations. However, for the time being we recommend the Chandi Ghar for the following uses:

  1. Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Examination halls etc. Especially in rented premises
  2. Exhibitions
  3. Warehouses
  4. Marriage halls
  5. Best alternative to tents, shamianas and containers
  6. Mobile camps of any kind
  7. Pent houses (a room on roof tops)
  8. Farm houses
  9. Labour colonies
  10. Low lying areas
  11. Low cost houses for disaster affected areas viz earthquakes, floods etc.
  12. Guard room 

Profits generated from this will go into further research and our welfare program “Shelter for the shelter less”. For details please visit our website as given above.

Yours Sincerely

Nargis Latif (Managing Trustee Gul Bahao)

Chandi Ghar Exhibition at Karachi Expo Center
Chandi Ghar Exhibition at Karachi Expo Center

Gul Bahao's Chandi Ghar at the Karachi Press Club
Gul Bahao’s Chandi Ghar at the Karachi Press Club

Zakaat for the Shelterless

Donate your Zakaat to Gul Bahao
Donate your Zakaat to Gul Bahao

Dear Friend,

May the peace of the almighty be upon you!

It was in 2005 during the disastrous earthquake in the northern areas that Gul Bahao started making low cost Chandi Ghars for the shelterless. Ever since, whenever a disaster struck Pakistan, be it in Mansehra, Awaran (Baluchistan) the great deluge of 2010 affecting Thatta, Muzaffargarh, massive fire in Shanti Nagar (Gulshan-Iqbal), drought in Tharparkar, Gul Bahao has rushed to put up its prefabricated Chandi Ghars . These structures are put up in very little time. From a few days the installation time has dropped to a few hours. This despite the fact that the Chandi Ghars are as long lasting as houses made of stone or marble!.

While the number of houses put up may be symbolic only (not more than 150 houses, relief camps have been put up) the continuous work on this innovation has resulted in a boon not just for the disaster affectees of Pakistan but also for mankind as a whole . The Chandi Technology has the potential to change the world just like the mobile phone. Just as the mobile is multi functional so too the Chandi technology. Being modular it serves as a mobile toilet, a soft bed (fit for the king) tables, chairs and even a water reservoir!. A long lasting house strong against the elements and within the reach of the poorest of the poor. All because it took 22 years of hard and persistent work and an input of 9 crores from the wealthy and generous hearted people of Pakistan!.

Gul Bahao is also working on disaster management especially the heat wave in which it is planned to put up relief camps complete with a cooling pond and a mobile clinic. Here, it must be remembered that one of the best features of the Chandi Technology is its insular nature i.e it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

With the blessings of the almighty and your support Gul Bahao is planning on an ambitious program of replacing mud houses with Chandi Ghars. This is the need of the hour. Mud houses are problematic especially when heavy rains cause them to collapse and because they are hot beds of infectious diseases. Plastic material on the other hand is sterile by nature. Metalized film, a form of plastic is the raw material of the Chandi Ghar. This will ensure that people living in Chandi Ghars will be secured from many infectious diseases.

If our rural people start living in cool clean and weather resistant Chandi Ghars, they will not have to flock to major cities like Karachi and Lahore, rendering these megalopolises unsustainable.

We at Gul Bahao are assiduously spreading translations of the Holy Quran in 3 languages (Urdu, Sindhi and English). In order that our people are not deprived of the sacred words of the almighty due to their ignorance of the Arabic language.

Our past efforts and future plans for the upliftment of the Muslim Ummah makes us eminently eligible for your Zakat. Please put your contribution in First Women Bank Gul Bahao ac.no 0007 (branch code) 001-85781-0001, or Allied Bank, Nargis Latif acc.no. 00100-3275039-0011-0159 (branch code) Do inform us through SMS or through Telephone numbers: 32250452, 0333-8869491 and 0301-2754469

Yours Sincerely,

Nargis Latif (managing trustee)

Open Letter to The Governor Sindh, Mr.Mohammad Zubair

Sub: Chandi Technology and Rozgar La Mehdood


The Governor Sindh, Mr.Mohammad Zubair

Dear Sir,

May the peace of the Almighty be upon you!

Since the last several months, there has been a steady stream of publicity about the Chandi Technology (an innovation of Gul Bahao) in the European media especially Hungary, Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Greece etc. CNN, Voice of America and Aljazeera have given it substantial coverage.What is more, our website is being continuously studied all over the world.

The Chandi Technology is a research product whose development and extension have taken 23 long years, on which millions of rupees of the wealthy and educated people of Karachi has been spent. This, by the grace of the Almighty, will be as big a change maker as the mobile telephone.

What is the Chandi Technology?. Briefly, they are Modular blocks and Panels whose raw material is Metalized film (a by product of plastic Manufacturing industries) and Thermopole waste, rendering it the most modern form of construction material used hitherto.

At the same time, the techniques employed in the Chandi Technology may be used for any and every kind of plastic waste, making it very useful for municipal waste management as well. The Chandi blocks however are absolutely clean and may be used in high quality prefabricated construction. Being prefabricated, modular and portable, the Chandi blocks may be used as:

Mobile factories, Mobile residential colonies, Mobile offices, Mobile schools – all of them being solid structures. Thanks to the insulated nature of the metalized film (the raw material used in the building blocks), the entire structure becomes cool in summer and warm in winter. Due to the sheer strength of the columns, a single room is easily extendable four times. The cost of manufacture and installation is unbelievably low because of the abundant availability of the raw material and interchangeable nature. A two storied Chandi Ghar can easily be converted into a water reservoir, a comfortable bed, sofa etc, in no time and vice versa. Similarly the roof panels may easily be converted into light weight tables and chairs.

So far more than 150 structures using this technology have been put up all over Pakistan in the following areas:

  • In Disaster Affected areas such as Mansehra, Muzaffargarh, Thatta, Awaran, Mithi etc.
  • Several times at Expo Centre and as Entertainment Hall and Lecture Hall.
  • A Reception Hall which acts as a Rest House for patients attendants. This is being used by scores of people on a daily basis in Civil Hospital Mithi for the last three years.
  • A Ware House for Frontier Works Organization on the Super Highway housing chemical drums.
  • Given the immense economic potential of the Chandi Technology, it would be but natural to use it for raising the employment level to the extent of Reviving the Economy.

Here, let us recall that the west has not developed because of its natural resources but because of its inventions like the Steam Engine, Antibiotics, Electricity etc, despite having basic resources like abundant sunlight.

Now, it is imperative that the government of Pakistan recognizes the immense importance of this technology which can help to revolutionize the economy as well as raise its image at the international level.

I am,

Yours Sincerely,

Nargis Latif (CEO Chandi Technology)

Shelter for the Shelter less

Gul Bahao letter head



The Prime Minister of Pakistan

Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif

Dear Sir,

May the peace of the almighty be upon you! Here is a proposal which if undertaken will not only help in the Revival of the Economy but will also enable Pakistan to stand tall in the international arena!. Please visit our website http://gulbahao.org.

Gul Bahao a research organization during the last 20 years of its existence and a monetary input of more than 8 crores has succeeded in coming up with unique innovations. Among these are the “Chandi” blocks which are modular i.e a two storied  house can be converted into furniture or a small water reservoir and vice versa in just a few hours. They provide excellent insulation i.e they are cool in summer and warm in winter. Strong against the elements and extremely cost effective i.e as little as Rs.400/sq.ft!  The raw material which is the clean plastic waste of Karachi’s factories is expected to last more than a life time.

Sir, as you are aware disasters such as earthquakes and floods have been striking Pakistan for the last several years rendering millions of people homeless. This can also serve as a blessing in disguise for the urban people, the traders and youth who can fulfil some of the basic needs of the villagers as well as generate income for themselves and improve on their skills. This can be done using the Chandi Technology which can rightly be called  “A Gift of Karachi to the world”.

The Chandi Technology may provide the best answer to earthquakes on two accounts. a) They are strong against external pressure b) They can be put up in no time. In the case of the flood affectees, many of these are often found living in the river beds or “kutcha areas”. For them the Chandi Ghar will be invaluable as they can be dismantled in a matter of hours whenever a flood warning is sounded. After dismantling, the Chandi Ghar can be reassembled again on a higher ground level. The alternative of the Chandi Ghar will also ensure that the disaster affected i.e flood and earthquake affectees will then not have to rush to big cities, causing overcrowding, and making them unsustainable.

During the last ten years or so more than 150 Chandi Ghars and  Chandi Halls have been put up in different parts of the country viz Mansehra, Muzaffargarh, Thatta, Awaran (Baluchistan), Mithi ( Tharparkar) and Karachi. What is more, this technology has been able to attract international attention as well. Apart from the print media, Voice of America and CNN have given it detailed coverage. World organizations like the United nations, Clinton Foundation and German Embassy officials have taken keen interest in this technology.

It is our greatest ambition to provide as many Chandi Ghars as possible to the people of Pakistan. For this we have been tapping the well off people of Karachi for donations in cash or even recyclable waste which can be sold in the market. We now intend to seek support from all over the country as well as from Pakistanis living abroad. God willing we will soon be in a position to provide subsidized clean durable housing to millions of people!

At this stage we need the moral support of the government.

Waiting for an early reply,
I am,
Yours Sincerely

Relief, Rehabilitation AND “Karachis gift to the world”

Gul Bahao Letter Head









Dear Sir,

This is to seek your active support in bringing Relief for and Rehabilitating people badly affected by catastrophic floods ravaging the length and breadth of the country. As usual, we intend to coordinate with the authorities concerned in putting up Relief camps, Chandi halls for storing relief items as well as rehabilitating the people in Chandi Ghars. Please visit our website http://gulbahao.org.

Your support for this cause will be amply acknowledged in our publication “Karachi”s Gift to the World” in the month of August which will be listing, photographing and explaining the various innovations developed by us. These are briefly :

1) Chandi Technology – modular blocks which are inter convertible into a two storied house, light weight furniture ( tables, chairs, beds etc ), water pond, reservoirs etc.

2) Fuel packs for producing cheap electricity

3) Safai/Kamai bank ( a futuristic bank )

4) Instant Compost…….. and many more

The purpose of the book is manifold. To work on:

a) Waste management and conserving the environment in order to prevent extreme climatic conditions of temperatures as well as rainfall, flooding etc.

b) Disaster Management-Relief and Rehabilitation using Ch andi Technology

c) To provide our youth and entrepreneurs with “Opportunities Unlimited” to make profits from minimum investment.

These innovations have received international recognition from the following:

Italian, French , Indian and South Korean publications. CNN, Voice of America, BBC, Zee T.V etc. Clinton foundation, Ashoka Foundation. UNDP, ILO, WSCC, Supreme court of India, German nationals (including their consul general), Representative of United Nations, Saarc conference held at Kathmandu.

Why are the innovations a “Gift from Karachi to the World” ?. It may be remembered that Karachi is:

1) One of the largest metropolises of the world
2) It has a peculiar geography ( desert like conditions with a relatively moderate climate)
3) It is highly urbanized and modernized.These very conditions gave rise to the unique discoveries mentioned above
4) Hundreds of educated Karachites ( lecturers, professors, professionals like architects, engineers, business men, philanthropists etc) have donated in cash or kind (recyclable material which fetch a good price in the market). Research demands money and this is where the finances came from. Secondly Karachi’s youth, especially its uneducated youth were responsible for: The physical development of the products including collection of the raw materials. The educated youth on the other hand may be credited for arranging seminars,writing theses, reports and media coverage. In short it has been a big movement spread over a period of 21 years and costing more than 8 crore rupees.

We would like you to consider sponsoring KARACHI’S GIFT TO THE WORLD. An extremely valuable book( which will be used by government officials, professionals , environmentalists ,educationalists, business men – especially Chambers of Commerce, foreign diplomats etc) according to the following rates:

1) Back cover (Rs 3.lacs)
2) Inside back cover (Rs 1 lac)
3) Inside front cover (Rs. 2 lacs)

a) Full page – Rs.50,000 (fifty thousand)
b) Half page – Rs.30,000(thirty thousand)
c) Your organisations/institution’s name in the list of sponsors- Rs. 7,000 (seven thousand)


The book will be launched formally either at the Karachi press club or the Arts council

Waiting for an early reply,

I am
Yours Sincerely
Nargis Latif