Dear Friends,

May the peace of the Almighty be upon you!. This is to seek your attention to the novel discovery of the Chandi Technology which has the key to a prosperous Pakistan. What is more we have slowly but surely started getting both national and international Media Coverage. Newspapers of France, Italy, Holland, South Korea and India have given us very positive coverage while T.V channels CNN, Voice of America, Al Jazeera and several lesser known channels have been covering us for years.

This is apart from Pakistani channels, which have given us abundant coverage. We now intend to run a 3-week long campaign called Rozgar La Mehdood in the Gai (Cow) Mandi located on main superhighway from the 21st of August right upto Eidul Azha. We have been allotted prominent space 15ft x 30ft area in the VIP area block 1, front row facing the super highway. Here, an attractive looking Chandi Hall. i.e a prefabricated structure will be put up complete with the latest innovations of the Chandi technology. In this campaign opportunities will be offered to our youth and entrepreneurs. New and profitable ways of making money with the least investment using the Chandi technology.

A second and vital aspect of the display would be to provide “shelter for the shelter less”. Another part of the campaign meant to provide subsidized housing for the poorest of the poor. One way would be to explain to the poor how they can make cheap plastic houses them selves. Second would be to motivate people to donate for the cause. The occasion provides ample opportunity for extensive publicity of your products as well as for your CSR activity. The Cow Mandi you must be aware is the biggest one of its kind in the world which gets massive publicity on a daily basis. We would like you to sponsor the 3 week event at the following rates: a) Banner inside the hall 3ft x 6ft – Rs.5o,ooo. b) Banner on the exterior wall 3ft x 6ft. Rs.1,00,000. c) Banner on the side facing the superhighway 3ft x 6ft. Rs.1,75,000.

Yours Sincerely,

Nargis Latif (CEO – Gul Bahao)



Yesterday, a group of more than 40 university going  students from  a program “Yeh Hai Karachi” sponsored by an NGO, “Karachi Youth Initiative”, came to visit Gul Bahao’s research center in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Nargis Latif  (CEO of Gul Bahao), addressing the youth, said that with only a few days left for independence day, her organization has a pleasant surprise for the whole of Pakistan. That, she said is the Chandi Technology which, has taken more than 2 decades to evolve with an expenditure running into millions of rupees and the involvement of thousands of people living in Karachi.

The Gul Bahao staff then proceeded to show every aspect of the Chandi Technology, from the 14 feet high hall built 4 years ago to the under construction 10’x12′ Chandi Room, the 5’x6′ water pond, masterbed, tables and chairs all made from clean, plastic waste supplied by factories.

They took pains to explain that all these items are interchangeable, that the panel used in the roof of the Chandi Ghar can be changed into a light weight table, while the heavy weight blocks used in the columns can be used for making a water reservoir in the shortest possible time. Beautiful looking mounted photographs of different aspects and locations of the Chandi Technology were also on display, on the occasion.

Nargis Latif the founder and chairperson requested the participants of the workshop to raise their hands in prayer, reciting the translation of Sura Fateha in Urdu. Nargis begged the almighty to bless this innovation which according to her is truly a “Sign of God”. Nargis appealed to the students to take up the Chandi Technology, to produce it, market it, to make the media more aware about it. “Just as the steam engine, brought about a technological revolution in the west, so too the Chandi Technology when fully applied will God willing, change the face of Pakistan”, she exhorted.

The CEO of the Chandi Technology said the immediate implementation of the Chandi Technology will be in the form of Rozgar La Mehdood i.e unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs and shelter for the shelter less and Subsidized Housing for the rural poor.  The students who participated in the one day workshop hailed from different universities, with academic backgrounds as varied as Business Administration, Biology, Mass Communications, Biology etc. However all of them came armed with Digital Cameras to take shots of a technology which is struggling to make a place for it self in the global village.

Zakaat for the Shelterless


Gul Bahao Letterhead

Subject: Zakaat for the Shelterless

Dear Friends, Aslama Alaikum.

This is to request you to give your Zakaat to Gul Bahao. As you are aware Gul Bahao has been working tirelessly for the upliftment of society since the last twenty one years. The circle of people being affected by its work is growing exponentially.

Through its innovative schemes Gul Bahao is fighting for its goal of employment unlimited. Poor people have been shown how to earn money honestly.

More than Twenty five lac rupees worth of Chandi ghars (prefabricated shelters) have been put up in disaster affected areas of Mansehra, Muzzafargarh, Thatta , Awaran (Baluchistan) and Mithi(Tharparkar) during the last ten years. This also includes slum dwellers of Gulshan-e-Iqbal when their huts were burnt.

Our Research center which is also working as a Disaster Management Center has developed many other products and concepts of tremendous use to the common man. These include:

  • Chandi blocks which are inter convertible into furniture, roofs, tarpaulins, shelters, small water reservoirs.

  • Water purification technique.

  • Cheap fodder for livestock

  • Mobile toilets

  • Gardens in the air

  • Mithai – Nutritious, delicious, dried food pack

We have also conducted advocacy programs for the dissemination of authentic translations of the Holy Quran in three languages viz. Urdu, English and Sindhi. This has been in the form of exhibitions, producing cards, lectures, reading to the general public etc.

We are now set to address the needs of people living in mud houses.With the help of the almighty and support of civil society, we intend to directly or indirectly put up millions of Chandi Ghars- which are strong against the natural elements.Do visit our website for details.

We shall be extremely grateful if you would deposit your Zakaat in either of the bank accounts: First Women Bank Gul Bahao 0007(Branch code)001* 85781*0001; or Allied Bank, Nargis Latif acc. no. 00100-3275039-0011-(0159 branch code). Do inform us through telephone or SMS AT NOS- 0333-8869491* 03012754469

Thanking you, Yours Sincerely,

Nargis Latif, Managing Trustee, Gul Bahao

Unveiling of Chandi Technology on 25th April 2015

Unveiling of Chandi Technology on 25th April 2015

Dear Friends,

Gul Bahao is planning to put up a pavilion “Karachi’s gift to the world” at a one day conference cum exhibition called SME Senate and Expo, being organised and supported by the commissioner Karachi office, Karachi Stock Exchange, KWCCI and MASS HRS on Saturday, 25th April 2015 at Hotel Movenpick (formerly Sheraton Hotel). Entry to the event will be through passes. Registration for businessmen and faculty members will be Rs Three Thousand (3,000) while for students it will be Rs Fifteen hundred (1500).

In the pavilion, Gul Bahao will be showcasing some of its world famous innovations viz. Chandi Technology which is as revolutionary as the ubiquitous mobile telephone. Gul Bahao’s innovations have been widely acclaimed by international organisations as well as both print and electronic media. These include Clinton Foundation, UNDP, ILO, United Nations, WSSCC, CNN, Voice of America, Indian Media, Media in Italy and France, South Korean publications and many more.

The aim of the pavilion is part of Gul Bahao’s campaign of “Rozgar La Mehdood” or “Opportunities Unlimited”. The one day program will

  1. Acquaint businessmen, policy makers and faculty members with this unique technology which has been developed at a cost of more than 80 million rupees and taken more than 20 years to develop
  2. Enable entrepreneurs to take up the business of producing and marketing the Chandi technology which can bring substantial profits with minimum investment
  3. Will enable interested participants to enroll themselves as paid internees of this innovation

Now, I would request you to support the campaign “Karachi’s gift to the world” and “Rozgar La Mehdood” by purchasing as many passes as possible, by contacting us on our contact numbers or alternately sending your contribution (there is no minimum amount ) to any of the following accounts: Allied Bank Nargis Latif 00100-3275039-0011 (0159 branch code) or Gul Bahao First Women’s Bank 0007 (branch code) 001*85781*0001

Waiting for an early reply,

I am
Yours Sincerely
Nargis Latif, Managing trustee, Gul Bahao

Sponsorship of the Publication: “OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED”

Sponsorship of the Publication: “OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED”

The year 2014 will be seeing the 20th year of Gul Bahao’s existence in the metropolis of Karachi. The last two decades of hard work and sacrifice have catapulted this organization into the International scene with both world organizations and media giving it enviable recognition. The following include some of them:

  1. Italian, French and Indian newspapers and a South Korean magazine
  2. CNN, Voice of America, BBC, ZeeTV etc
  3. Clinton Foundation, Ashoka (The undersigned is a life fellow of this American organization)
  4. UNDP, ILO, WSCC and Supreme Court of India
  5. German Nationals (including their Consul General)
  6. Pakistanis living in the Middle East, Britain and USA

Gul Bahao made its debut in 1994 with the clear objective of finding solutions to Karachi’s waste management problems. However, it has ended up with simple and cost effective ways to revive the economy through its innovations. Hundreds of youth were given jobs through its scheme of “Kutchra do Sona lo” which is in line with the organizations scheme of “Safai/Kamai Bank” – a futuristic banking system, where the instruments of banking are assorted municipal waste. Here let me recall the immense interest shown by BBC to this “Third world solutions to first world problems.” Twenty years of work and a whopping input of eight crore rupees (in 2002 Gul Bahao’s audited accounts showed an expenditure of 1 crore and ten lac rupees) yielded the following innovations:

  1. Chandi Technology. A modular block which interchanges into a two storeyed house, furniture(tables,beds,sofa), water reservoir as well as tarpaulins.
  2. Fuel Pack for producing cheap electricity
  3. Gardens in the Air. Multistoried fields in the manner of multistoried buildings and many more.

For details please visit our website: In other words there are a host of projects that can be given to our youth to pick and choose from, where a MINIMUM OF INVESTMENT WILL YIELD MAXIMUM PROFITS. Why is this so? Simply because the raw material used is easily available, even free of cost as it is considered “useless” or waste. Here let me put on record that much of the “useless” raw material is simply leftovers, often as good as virgin material.

Gul Bahao’s Research Center on main Rashid Minhas Road has been functioning there for the last 10 years or so and has been visited by local bodies institutions, bureaucrats, professionals, businessmen, students the print and electronic media etc. It is home to most of Gul Bahao’s innovations. This can provide a platform or training ground for any ambitious scheme like “Rozgar la Mehdood”.

Now you must agree that Gul Bahao can prove an asset to any democratic government which wants to depend on its own people for running its affairs. What is required at this point is that the government, business community as well as the educational institutes must come forward and make use of this facility and support it. Let me assure you that any help in this direction will go a long way in:

  1. resuscitating the economy
  2. decreasing the energy crisis
  3. giving our youth and more so our educated youth unlimited opportunities

On this occasion, when Gul Bahao is trying to consolidate its work of 20 years we are planning on a publication which will be listing, displaying and explaining the various innovations developed by us. The publication which is in English ,is to be used as a reference book and will be sent to:

  1. businessmen and organizations
  2. foreign diplomats
  3. educational institutions and professionals
  4. NGOs

The publication called “Opportunities-unlimited” will be launched on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the GUL BAHAO movement to be held in the month of February at the Arts Council. We would like you to sponsor an A-4 size book according to the following rates:

  1. Half page – Rs. 50,000 (Fifty thousand)
  2. Quarter page – RS. 30,000 (Thirty thousand)
  3. Your name in the list of sponsors – Rs.5,000 (Five thousand)

Money for the sponsorship may be paid in advance. Let me assure you that sponsorship of this program will go a long way in improving the socio-economic conditions of Karachi. What is more, it will also enable us to be a part of the world movement for a better Environment and betterment of mankind as a whole. Waiting for a quick reply.

I am,
Yours Sincerely,
Nargis Latif (Managing trustee Gul Bahao)