Gul Bahao's Wastic Blocks
Gul Bahao’s Wastic Blocks

1. Rudimentary Structure (10’x12′)

Consists of a roof and floor (made of panaflex) and bamboo sticks, wall panels made up of aluminum foil and 8 was-tic blocks for the foundation. The roof would be inclined in order to let the rain pass through. The room size will be 10’x12′.

a) Roof 10’x12′. Costs Rs 10/square foot— Rs. 1,200

b) Floor 10’x12′ costs Rs 10/square foot— Rs. 1,200

c) Bamboo sticks (best available in the market) — Rs. 600

d) 4 wall panels (aluminum foil) —Rs. 400

e) 8 was-tic blocks — Rs. 300

The cost of this rudimentary structure will come to around Rs. 3,500

2. Chandi Ghar (10’x12′)

a) Consists of 10 columns of was-tic blocks 7 foot high.

b) 6 large and 12 small size bamboo sticks (best available in the market).

c) Panels made from either aluminum foil or panaflex panels, 3 in number

d) 2 wall panels on the side of the entrance.

e) 3 windows with a door opening of 3 feet


1) 100 was-tic blocks at the rate of Rs. 40 per block — Rs. 4,000

2) 1 roof — Rs. 1,200

3) 1 floor — Rs. 1,200

4) Panels made from aluminum foil — Rs. 1,500

5) Panels made from panaflex — Rs. 4,000

6) Bamboo sticks — Rs. 600

Total cost of Chandi Ghar — Rs. 8,500 (panels made from aluminum foil)

Total cost of Chandi Ghar — Rs. 11,000 (panels made from panaflex)

Additional cost of windows and doors 50% hence coast of Chandi Ghar including doors and windows will be Rs. 12750, Rs.16500 respectively.

Cost of sending skilled worker would be Rs .400 per day for two people

Chandi Ghar – Warehouse

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