For the last several years, it has been observed that new kinds of challenges spring up during the sacred month of Ramazan. Yesterday, while the city was being battered with rain Gul Bahao’s team under the supervision of its technical chief D. Alim was putting final touches to its latest innovation of prefabricated roofing.

Till the writing of this piece, the Environment Museum stands out on main Rashid Minhas Road, its silver facade glittering in the sun, while not a drop of rain water has entered its 20ft x 40ft hall, despite record breaking rain.

Talking to the press Nargis Latif of Gul Bahao claimed that the organization’s Environment Museum which was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University on 5th June has all the solutions for disaster management as well as to preempt disasters, the city witnessed during the heavy rainfall.

Gul Bahao has truly gone into the nitti gritty of waste management which is the root cause of the flooding of the city’s roads. Nargis said that at the inauguration of the Environment museum she had warned of “Karachi being drowned in gutter water but nobody listened, she lamented.

Talking about Gul Bahao’s latest innovations, the managing trustee of Gul Bahao said rain proof roof has been made for single storied Chandi Ghars using light weight blocks made from waste (but clean) thermo- pole pieces arranged in the form of slopes. The important aspect of this is that this double roofing can be put in a matter of hours.

During the holy month of Ramazan another experiment is being made to make water proof tarpaulins. This has two advantages

  1. Raw material is plastic waste which would otherwise enter the sewerage system and block it
  2. It is cheap so that the poorest of the poor can afford it in times of inclement weather.

Another innovation thrown up by Gul Bahao during heavy rains is for low lying areas. This is especially useful for factory owners who would like to save their millions of rupees worth of goods from being submerged in rain water. These are 10-20 kgs heavy “Wastic Blocks” which can form a platform in a few minutes.

Nargis Latif said that the museum is open to all traders, manufacturers, policy makers, scientists and professionals. She said the projects on display at the museum should be especially attractive for businessmen as these require very little investment but whose profits could be immense both money wise as well as for handling and preempting natural disasters.

Concluding, Gul Bahao has appealed to the incumbent President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussein to visit Pakistan’s Environment Museum which has taken 20 years to emerge at a cost of more than 8 crores.

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