Yesterday, Gul Bahao’s Nargis Latif met the Chief Secretary Sindh Mr.Ejaz Chaudry. She lamented the fact that the government has not been able to take advantage of Gul Bahao’s research work in disaster management and rehabilitation. Nargis said that Gul Bahao had set up Chandi Ghars in Mansehra division during the earthquake of 2005 and then again during the floods of 2010 in Muzzafargarh and Thatta. According to her the Chandi Ghar has taken more than 16 years to evolve and has now won international acclaim through CNN and Voice of America. What is more she said that the educated middle class of Karachi has contributed heavily in Gul Bahao’s research work. Thousands of people living in Karachi have been in involved with their physical labor while others have contributed their hard earned money in it.

Nargis Latif informed the chief secretary Sindh that the Chandi Ghar is ideal for earthquake prone areas. When a conventional house made of bricks is hit by an earthquake it is reduced to rubble and cannot be put up again. On the other hand the blocks of the Chandi Ghar are modular and can be put up again in a matter of hours to form any kind of structure with the minimum of skills even after a massive earthquake strikes it.

The Chief Secretary replied that he had already sent a summary about the Chandi Ghar to the PDMA to coordinate with other relief agencies. Later in the day the managing trustee of Gul Bahao met with the director operations Mr Akhlaque Qureishi director operations of PDMA who assured Nargis Latif that his department would support both the immediate and long term goals of Gul Bahao. i.e helping to put up Chandi Ghars in the earthquake hit areas of Baluchistan and more important to introduce the Chandi Ghar as a model for relief and rehabilitation.

Talking to the press Nargis revealed that Gul Bahao has succeeded in putting up the world’s first Chandi Ghar assembling plant in Karachi. It has access to tonnes of raw material of the Chandi Ghar blocks which are basically left over clean plastic from some big factories of Karachi.

Chandi Ghar technology discussed with Chief Secretary Sindh