Gul Bahao's Wastic Blocks
Gul Bahao’s Wastic Blocks

……The structure is composed of wastic blocks and panaflex panels which are in turn made up of plastic, aluminum foil and cardboard residue. The structure is also portable. Following are the improved features of the innovation:

  1. Its modest, humble-looking structure has transformed into one of grandeur; it glitters in the light both inside and outside,
  2. The blocks are covered with silver panels which ensure the longevity of the structure,
  3. The improvement in the roof panel is its water-proof quality, since there is a single panel for the roof which ensures that water does not trickle into the room.
  4. The cost of the panel for the roof has gone down considerably, the roof 10X10 costs as little as rupees 1500, making it extremely attractive for the poor…….[read more]
Wastic blocks

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