Today, Nargis Latif Managing Trustee of the Gul Bahao Trust while addressing the assembly of A level students of City School PAF chapter announced that Gul Bahao has succeeded in establishing the world’s first assembly plant of prefabricated housing made from plastic waste on main Rashid Minhas Road on a two thousand yards plot. Nargis claimed amidst tremendous applause that Gul Bahao has developed a totally new product through its research work which is comparable to any other innovation of the 21st century. She exhorted that we Pakisanis must rid ourselves of the inferiority complex that we are incapable of innovating. She said one of the impact of the plant will be to make a name for Pakistan as no one in the world including the developed countries has come anywhere close to designing the Chandi Ghar (Made of building blocks from plastic waste) She said that the raw material is being supplied by manufacturers free of cost and in tones which has helped to reduce the cost of the houses considerably the result is that the plant is in a position to supply hundreds of houses to flood affected areas. And now a 20’ x20’ house will cost as little as Rs 40,000. She reminded the audience that last year Gul Bahao put up a number of Chandi Ghars in the flood affected areas of Muzzafargarh and Thatta . Nargis said that in order to make a deeper impact Gul Bahao will open the doors of this vital research open to the public especially the business community so that the Chandi Ghars may be produced enmasse and large numbers of flood affectees may be benefited.

Here, the head of Gul Bahao announced the formation of the Gul Bahao Club whose objective she said is to form Research Centres in the schools. However as a first step she said students will be asked to bring in recyclable garbage like paper, plastic etc from their homes which will be a source of revenue generation for the houses to be built for the flood affectees . She said in the past the students had donated their dry garbage but only in a limited way and that now efforts would have to be increased manifold. She revealed that Karachi University and NED University have been supporting Gul Bahao’s cause by donating their recyclable waste. This she said helped the organization considerably in meeting its expenses. She exhorted the students to “donate” as much recyclable garbage as possible to Gul Bahao.

Kindly put your valuable 1,000 ( one thousand ) Rupees in First Women Bank, Gul Bahao account no 0007001857810001 or Allied Bank, Nargis Latif acc. no.0010032750390011( 0159 branch code –  One Unit costs Rs. 40,000 with double ceiling).

Worlds first plastic house plant established