To the President of Pakistan
Mr.Mamnoon Hussain

Dear sir,

First of all please accept my heartiest congratulations on becoming the President of the Islamic republic of Pakistan. It is our good fortune that you have been selected from our home town there by giving us easier access to you and conversely giving you a better understanding of Gul Bahao’s innovations which are set to make a big difference to the socioeconomic revival of Pakistan. For more details please visit our website Sir,I believe that the devastating floods drowning the villages of Pakistan can also serve as a blessing in disguise to the urban dwellers, the traders and youth of Karachi who can fulfil some of the basic needs of the villagers as well as generate income for themselves and improve on their skills .

Gul Bahao during the last 20 years of its existence and a monetary input of more than 8 crores has succeeded in coming up with unique innovations. Among them are the “Chandi” blocks which are modular i.e a two storeyed house can be converted into furniture or a small water reservoir and vice versa in just a few hours. They are all weather proof i.e cool in summer and warm in winter,strong against the elements and extremely cost effective. The raw material which is the clean plastic waste of Karachi’s factories is being brought to us at our doorsteps by some of these factories.

Sir, as you know that many of the flood affectees are those who live in the river beds or “kutcha areas”. For them the Chandi Ghar will be invaluable as they can be dismantled in a matter of hours whenever a flood warning is sounded. After dismantling, the Chandi Ghar can be reassembled again at a higher ground level. After the flood subsides they can return to the river bed again with all their belongings intact. The dismantling of the houses in the riverbed before the arrival of the floods will directly help in lessening the overflowing of the rivers. The alternative of the Chandi Ghar will also ensure that the flood affectees will then not have to rush to big cities, causing overcrowding and hence making them unsustainable.

During the last ten years or so Gul Bahao has been able to put up 150 Chandi Ghars in different parts of the country viz, Mansehra, Muzaffargarh, Thatta and Karachi. Thanks to this experience it has been able to refine its product to the extent that it has succeeded in bringing it at par with any other 21 st century innovation. What is more, it has been able to attract international attention as well. Both Voice of America and CNN have given it detailed coverage. International organisations like the UNDP, Clinton Foundation, German Embassy officials have taken keen interest in Gul Bahao’s research program. The list is long.

Ever since the start of the monsoon season we have speeded up our efforts to make Chandi Blocks, the basic unit of the Chandi Ghar. It is our greatest ambition to provide as many Chandi Ghars as possible. God willing they could run into thousands. For this we are also tapping the well off people of Karachi as well as educational institutions to donate cash or even recyclable waste which can be sold in the market. Gul Bahao intends to garner support from different strata of society like traders, professionals, educationists etc.

At this stage we need the moral support of the government. In this case we would be highly honored by your presence on the occasion of the departure of the first batch of Chandi blocks or alternately at a reception at the Arts Council to mark the event.

Waiting for an early reply,

I am,

Yours Sincerely

Nargis Latif

Chandi Ghar technology introduced to president of Pakistan, Mr.Mamnoon Hussain