Chandi Ghar Letter headDear Sir,

Gul Bahao has been relentlessly pursuing its research program for the last 22 years. A very useful product, the Chandi Technology whose raw material is metallic film/virgin material from plastic factories is one of the precious innovations. This has come about as a result of immense hard work and massive financial input from both the formal and informal sectors of society.

It may come as a pleasant surprise to you that reports about Gul Bahaos Chandi Technology has crossed Pakistan’s boundaries and can be seen on websites throughout the world thanks to CNN, Voice of America, Aljazeera, Google, Yahoo and many more. In Pakistan millions of people have seen its different products in real life while thousands have actually used it. For the last ten years or so we have been putting up Chandi Ghars in different parts of Pakistan. Mansehra, Muzaffargarh, Thatta, Awaran and Mithi (Tharparkar) as well as in dozens of places in Karachi. All these structures number more than 150 which include spacious halls, class rooms, entertainment halls, warehouses, reception halls and much more. These structures have survived the test of time for as much as nine years (this technology is only 10 years old). The following results have been obtained:

  • They are durable, long lasting, strong against the elements i.e storms, rains, insects etc.
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Being essentially plastic in nature, they are clean

They have the following advantages:

  • Stunning looks. Its silver exterior glitters like silver or gold, depending upon the color of light falling on it
  • Highly affordable, less than half the cost of conventional structures at Rs.500-600/sq.ft
  • Quick to put up. Being prefabricated it takes hardly a day. Easily dismantled as well
  • Potential for in built cupboards
  • Interchangeable. The blocks and panels used in it can be changed into a water reservoir, a bed, table, sofa etc.

We strongly believe the Chandi technology will become an indispensable part of our lives just like the CNG Kits, Mobile phones, Solar panels and other modern innovations. However, for the time being we recommend the Chandi Ghar for the following uses:

  1. Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Examination halls etc. Especially in rented premises
  2. Exhibitions
  3. Warehouses
  4. Marriage halls
  5. Best alternative to tents, shamianas and containers
  6. Mobile camps of any kind
  7. Pent houses (a room on roof tops)
  8. Farm houses
  9. Labour colonies
  10. Low lying areas
  11. Low cost houses for disaster affected areas viz earthquakes, floods etc.
  12. Guard room

Profits generated from this will go into further research and our welfare program “Shelter for the shelter less”. For details please visit our website as given above.

Yours Sincerely

Nargis Latif (Managing Trustee Gul Bahao)

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