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The Governor Sindh, Mr.Mohammad Zubair

Dear Sir,

May the peace of the Almighty be upon you!

Since the last several months, there has been a steady stream of publicity about the Chandi Technology (an innovation of Gul Bahao) in the European media especially Hungary, Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Greece etc. CNN, Voice of America and Aljazeera have given it substantial coverage.What is more, our website is being continuously studied all over the world.

The Chandi Technology is a research product whose development and extension have taken 23 long years, on which millions of rupees of the wealthy and educated people of Karachi has been spent. This, by the grace of the Almighty, will be as big a change maker as the mobile telephone.

What is the Chandi Technology?. Briefly, they are Modular blocks and Panels whose raw material is Metalized film (a by product of plastic Manufacturing industries) and Thermopole waste, rendering it the most modern form of construction material used hitherto.

At the same time, the techniques employed in the Chandi Technology may be used for any and every kind of plastic waste, making it very useful for municipal waste management as well. The Chandi blocks however are absolutely clean and may be used in high quality prefabricated construction. Being prefabricated, modular and portable, the Chandi blocks may be used as:

Mobile factories, Mobile residential colonies, Mobile offices, Mobile schools – all of them being solid structures. Thanks to the insulated nature of the metalized film (the raw material used in the building blocks), the entire structure becomes cool in summer and warm in winter. Due to the sheer strength of the columns, a single room is easily extendable four times. The cost of manufacture and installation is unbelievably low because of the abundant availability of the raw material and interchangeable nature. A two storied Chandi Ghar can easily be converted into a water reservoir, a comfortable bed, sofa etc, in no time and vice versa. Similarly the roof panels may easily be converted into light weight tables and chairs.

So far more than 150 structures using this technology have been put up all over Pakistan in the following areas:

  • In Disaster Affected areas such as Mansehra, Muzaffargarh, Thatta, Awaran, Mithi etc.
  • Several times at Expo Centre and as Entertainment Hall and Lecture Hall.
  • A Reception Hall which acts as a Rest House for patients attendants. This is being used by scores of people on a daily basis in Civil Hospital Mithi for the last three years.
  • A Ware House for Frontier Works Organization on the Super Highway housing chemical drums.
  • Given the immense economic potential of the Chandi Technology, it would be but natural to use it for raising the employment level to the extent of Reviving the Economy.

Here, let us recall that the west has not developed because of its natural resources but because of its inventions like the Steam Engine, Antibiotics, Electricity etc, despite having basic resources like abundant sunlight.

Now, it is imperative that the government of Pakistan recognizes the immense importance of this technology which can help to revolutionize the economy as well as raise its image at the international level.

I am,

Yours Sincerely,

Nargis Latif (CEO Chandi Technology)

Open Letter to The Governor Sindh, Mr.Mohammad Zubair
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