Gul Bahao's Fuel Pack Innovation being explained
Gul Bahao’s Fuel Pack Innovation being explained

……According to Gul Bahao it is an environmentally friendly alternate fuel, a good substitute for oil; because it does not give out any toxic fumes, at the same time is cheap and easily available. It can be easily used as fuel for thermal power stations…..[read more]

……The “Fuel Pack” is a block weighing ten to twelve kilo of size 6 inches by 17 inches by 21 inches. It consists of clean non toxic industrial waste like bits of wood, paper, cloth etc. which are not mixed up with putrefying waste. A protective covering of aluminum foil which is fire resistant is put on the blocks which also give it an aesthetic look…….[read more]

……The blocks have been used as fuel in different places which gave extremely good results. One well known industrial company even volunteered to market it. Considering the grave power situation, Gul Bahao has asked the Government to consider its “Fuel Pack” as fuel for thermal power stations. The advantage of this alternative fuel is its easy availability as well as its low cost…….[read more]

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