Twenty years of work and a whopping input of eight crore rupees (in 2002 Gul Bahao’s audited accounts showed an expenditure of 1 crore and ten lac rupees) yielded the following innovations:

  1. Chandi Technology. A modular block which interchanges into a two storeyed house, furniture(tables,beds,sofa), water reservoir as well as tarpaulins.
  2. Fuel Pack for producing cheap electricity
  3. Gardens in the Air. Multistoried fields in the manner of multistoried buildings and many more……[read more]

The workers were telling the visitors “Just as the mobile phone has changed the lives of people (the world over)with its multifaceted tasks, so too the Chandi block is inter convertible into a water reservoir, a two story house and furniture……[read more]

A two story Chandi Ghar can easily be converted into a water reservoir, furniture (including sofas, beds etc ) and vice versa……[read more]

Our Research centre which is also working as a Disaster Management Center has developed many other products and concepts of tremendous use to the common man. These include:

  1. Chandi block which is inter convertible into furniture, roofs, tarpaulins, shelters, small water reservoirs.
  2. Water purification technique.
  3. Cheap fodder for livestock
  4. Mobile toilets
  5. City farm……[read more]

Referring to the governments Youth loan program Nargis Latif said  that the Chandi technology ( which uses plastic factory waste to make houses,water reservoirs, furniture  and rugs)……[read more]

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