Mobile Toilet Demonstration
Mobile Toilet Demonstration

……The Rotarians were informed that Gul Bahao will be providing mobile toilets for the women folk which is indispensable for them in the bare,treeless desert. While the Chandi technology has numerous advantages,she said what makes it stand out is the low cost making it very useful for the lower classes……[read more]

……In the detailed program lasting 40 minutes the head of Gul Bahao also talked about the Chandi Ghar and the Mobile Toilet. This again she said was a unique innovation. Talking about mobile toilet she said it has:

a) Complete privacy
b) Cleanliness unlike the public toilets
c) Sheer convenience – it is foldable

It is simply a Frigidaire box covered inside and outside with Panaflex. Its underlying principle is that human filth is food for plants and trees and hence it is best that people relieve themselves in unpaved land so that there is fewer burdens on the sewage system……[read more]

Mobile Toilet
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