Can rural Pakistan’s Mud houses be replaced

Can rural Pakistan’s Mud houses be replaced with cool, clean CHANDI GHARS – KARACHI’S GIFT TO THE WORLD!

Before answering this question, let us acknowledge the fact that we have to give our rural people a durable house. That is IF

  1. We don’t want our cities to be bombarded with people from the villages, leaving us with little water and air.
  2. If we want cheap food. Where will it come from, if not from the farmers who must have a decent house to live in.
  3. If we want our traders and business men to convert our waste material into Chandi Technology (Prefabricated Blocks and Panels) and sell them as houses to the rural population.

Now the time has come for our BUSINESS MEN to come forward and




کیا پاکستان میں معاشی انقلاب دستک دے رہا ہے؟

Chandi Technology Letter head

جس وقت گستاخانہ کارٹون کی دلآزار خبریں امت مسلمہ کو بڑی طرح سے جھنجھوڑ رہی تھیں،لگ بھگ انہیں دنوں میں،عید قربان سے دو تین دن پہلے، ضلع ٹھٹہ کے ایک گاؤں میں ایک معجزہ نما ایجاد منظر عام پر دکھائی دی۔سندھ کے ایک چھوٹے سے گاؤں بنام فقیر محمد راجھیرو میں گویا ایک “خوشحالی بم ” چاندی ٹیکنالوجی کے نام سے پھٹا جس سے روزگار کا ناختم ہونے والا آغاز ہوا۔نیز شنید ہے کہ اب مٹی کے گھروں کے بجائے ،دیہاتیوں کو چاندی کے گھروں میں رہنے کو ملے گا۔گوٹھ فقیر محمد راجھیرو کے باسیوں کی حیرت کی انتہا نہ رہی جب انھیں کے مردوں کے ہاتھوں سے بلاک اور پینل کو آگے پیچھے کرنے سے انکی تمام ضروریات چند منٹوں اور گھنٹوں میں پوری ہو گئیں؛ جیسا کہ گشتی بیتل خلاء،پانی کا حوض،عالی شان کمرہ ،بسترہ،سوفا،میز وغیرہ۔

لوگوں نے یہ بھی دیکھا کہ تمام اشیاء ( کمرہ حوض وغیرہ )کو باآسانی تور تار کر ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ منتقل کیا جا رہا تھا۔مزید برآں ،ایک بنا ہوا کمراہ چار اضافی کمرے کا اندیا دے رہا تھا۔یہاں پر یاد رکھا جائے کہ چاندی ٹیکنالوجی شہر کراچی کی منفرد ایجاد ہے۔جس پر گزشتہ 24 سالوں سے تجربات کئے جا رہے ہیں۔اور جس پر کراچی کے مخیر حضرات کے قرور ھا روپے خرچ ہو چکے ہیں۔بقول ایک معروف امریکی صحافی کے چاندی ٹیکنالوجی ایک high tech innovation ہے ۔
پچھلے دنوں جو کام ٹھٹہ میں ہوا ہے وہ دراصل اس ایجاد کے مکمل ہونے کی صورت میں تھا۔


Gul Bahao puts up Chandi Ghar at Thatta

Pictures of the “KHUSHHALI BOMB,” Pakistan Exploded on the 14th of August 2018 in a village of district Thatta called Goth Faqir Mohammed Rajero.

Using the CHANDI TECHNOLOGY, a Karachi based invention, (consisting of PRE-FAB blocks and panels), the villagers were amazed to see that most of the necessities of life viz. Water Reservoir, Mobile Toilet, a Spacious Room, Bed, Sofa etc.took only a few minutes or hours to assemble.

Here, it may be remembered that District Thatta is known to be the Gateway of Islam in the subcontinent. Will it also be the nursery of Pakistan’s KHUSH HALI Bomb ?

Thatta Photos


Chandi Technology Letter headNo doubt the manufacture and widespread use of plastics has caused innumerable problems. Our drainage systems, our water courses are being clogged with wrappers, shopping bags and what not. But is the answer, an outright ban on them?

Let’s admit that plastics have made life cheaper and simpler. To put an outright ban on them is not only impossible but counter productive as well. The answer to plastic pollution may be found in RESEARCH and RECYCLING!

Certainly, some recycling of  plastic waste was started from the time plastics were first introduced. However, with the passage of time a plethora of plastic waste came up which could not be easily recycled.

This problem was solved on 14th January 2018 at an open exhibition held at the Karachi Press Club where each and every kind of hitherto non recyclable plastic waste like Metallic film (wrappers in common parlance) and Thermopole waste were shown reused in a brand new technology called Chandi Technology.

Chandi Technology is comparable to the mobile technology which allows the user access to various services by the mere pressing of different buttons. However, the functions and services of the Chandi Technology are many more and all encompassing i.e modular. A Chandi building can be transformed into a water reservoir, beds, tables, chairs and vice versa in no time. Now we can think in terms of putting up high tech mobile shops, mobile universities, mobile factories etc, overnight!

The entire exercise of producing and marketing of the Chandi technology will result in all kinds of plastic waste being carefully collected and reused as essential raw material for quality goods. This will ensure that non bio degradable waste is: a) not burnt b) nor thrown into drains and water courses.


The Chandi Technology apart from being the solution to plastic pollution is in fact a gift of the Almighty for the entire world just as he gifted the mobile phone and many other inventions to us.