Relief, Rehabilitation AND “Karachis gift to the world”

Gul Bahao Letter Head

Dear Sir,

This is to seek your active support in bringing Relief for and Rehabilitating people badly affected by catastrophic floods ravaging the length and breadth of the country. As usual, we intend to coordinate with the authorities concerned in putting up Relief camps, Chandi halls for storing relief items as well as rehabilitating the people in Chandi Ghars. Please visit our website

Your support for this cause will be amply acknowledged in our publication “Karachi”s Gift to the World” in the month of August which will be listing, photographing and explaining the various innovations developed by us. These are briefly :

  1. Chandi Technology – modular blocks which are inter convertible into a two storied house, light weight furniture (tables, chairs, beds etc), water pond, reservoirs etc.
  2. Fuel packs for producing cheap electricity
  3. Safai/Kamai bank (a futuristic bank)
  4. Instant Compost…….. and many more

The purpose of the book is manifold. To work on:

  • Waste management and conserving the environment in order to prevent extreme climatic conditions of temperatures as well as rainfall, flooding etc.
  • Disaster Management-Relief and Rehabilitation using Chandi Technology
  • To provide our youth and entrepreneurs with “Opportunities Unlimited” to make profits from minimum investment.

These innovations have received international recognition from the following:

Italian, French , Indian and South Korean publications. CNN, Voice of America, BBC, Zee T.V etc. Clinton foundation, Ashoka Foundation. UNDP, ILO, WSCC, Supreme court of India, German nationals (including their consul general), Representative of United Nations, Saarc conference held at Kathmandu.

Why are the innovations a “Gift from Karachi to the World” ?. It may be remembered that Karachi is:

  1. One of the largest metropolises of the world
  2. It has a peculiar geography (desert like conditions with a relatively moderate climate)
  3. It is highly urbanized and modernized.These very conditions gave rise to the unique discoveries mentioned above
  4. Hundreds of educated Karachites, lecturers, professors, professionals like architects, engineers, business men, philanthropists etc have donated in cash or kind, recyclable material which fetch a good price in the market. Research demands money and this is where the finances came from. Secondly Karachi’s youth, especially its uneducated youth were responsible for: The physical development of the products including collection of the raw materials. The educated youth on the other hand may be credited for arranging seminars,writing theses, reports and media coverage. In short it has been a big movement spread over a period of 21 years and costing more than 8 crore rupees.

We would like you to consider sponsoring KARACHI’S GIFT TO THE WORLD. An extremely valuable book, which will be used by government officials, professionals , environmentalists ,educationalists, business men, especially Chambers of Commerce, foreign diplomats etc according to the following rates:

  1. Back cover (Rs 3.lacs)
  2. Inside back cover (Rs 1 lac)
  3. Inside front cover (Rs. 2 lacs)
  • Full page – Rs.50,000 (fifty thousand)
  • Half page – Rs.30,000 (thirty thousand)
  • Your organisations/institution’s name in the list of sponsors – Rs. 7,000 (seven thousand)


The book will be launched formally either at the Karachi press club or the Arts council

Waiting for an early reply,

I am
Yours Sincerely
Nargis Latif

Chandi Ghars for flood affectees

Chandi Ghars for flood affectees

Dear Sir,

Gul Bahao has been putting up prefabricated structures called Chandi Ghar for the last several years. The Chandi Ghar made its debut in the earthquake of 2005 in the Mansehra region. With the passage of time thanks to continuous research and experimentation we have come up with a product which is quick to put up long lasting, clean, good looking and very cost effective (between Rs,15,000 – 25,000 ) So far in the last several years we have been able to put up more than 80 Chandi Ghars in Mansehra, Muzzafarghar and Thatta as well as the slum areas of Karachi.

Now we plan to put up 10 ‘x12’ sized Chandi Ghars in flood affected areas of the country with the help of other NGOs as well as through administrative help from the government of the relevant districts at the earliest possible.

The importance of this scheme lies not only in the immediate putting up of these houses but also as a model to be emulated all over the world.

I therefore appeal to you in all earnestness to support us by donating for as many houses as is possible. We on our part will make sure that your help is acknowledged and publicized.

Yours Sincerely,
Nargis Latif (Managing trustee Gul Bahao)

Donation for flood affectees

Once again Pakistan is being devastated by floods which are wiping away peoples homes. Gul Bahao has come up with a solution. The Chandi Ghar a prefabricated house which can be put up and dismantled easily and quickly. For the last several years several Chandi Ghars have been put up in earthquake affected areas, flood affected areas and where fires have broken out. What is more Karachi’s premier factories are providing some of the raw material free of cost so that a one unit house will cost as little as 40,000 rupees. So please help!.

Kindly help us by donating. We accept payments from western union. For information about making a donation please contact us or inform us on telephone numbers 021-32250452,0333-8869491, 0300-6628697 or through SMS. ( One Unit costs Rs. 40,000 with double ceiling).

Prefabricated modular housing for flood affectees

Gul Bahao has discovered a novel way of providing houses for flood affectees. For the last several months it has been collecting recyclable waste from schools, universities and factories. The waste has two components, one that is sold to fetch hard cash and the other used in making Chandi Ghar for as little as Rupees 25,000. Tons of aluminum foils are coming out from factories in the form of clean waste which are being used to make Wastic blocks (size 6 x 17 x 21) a major component of the Chandi Ghar.

After putting up these pre-fabs in Razzakabad and Thatta for the flood affectees, Gul Bahao is now set to put up a small village in an area close to Mandi Bahauddin, Bhakkar in district Muzaffargarh. The Chandi Ghars are being financed by a CBO of the area called Faizan while the transportation costs will be borne by Gul Bahao. In the beginning, 10 houses are being put up on a trial basis.

The CBO has promised to give a befitting welcome to the world’s first Chandi Ghar. Here it may be remembered that the Chandi Ghar is an innovation “made in Pakistan” and having several advantages over the conventional housing materials like portability, cost effectiveness, strong against the elements. Being modular, the blocks can be made alternatively into beds, sofas. Gul Bahao plans to put up its model village before the end of this year.

Chandi Ghar at Sujawal Bund

People travelling along the Sujawal Bund of Thatta during the Eid holidays were pleasantly surprised to see two glittering “Chandi Ghars” built overnight. This was part of an exercise to provide low cost prefab houses for the flood affectees a joint venture of two Karachi based NGO’s – Gul Bahao and Umeed. Gul Bahao has been claiming for years that the Chandi Ghar being prefabricated is ideal for disaster management and especially wherever ownership of land is not certain

The Chandi Ghar it may be recalled is a totally new concept using aluminum foil and panaflex materials along with bamboo sticks. Though the manufacture of the blocks requires the latest raw materials assembling them is extremely simple consisting of blocks and panels it was manufactured at the Gul Bahao complex in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and then transported to Shujawal

A seven member team of Gul Bahao erected the two houses 10×15 feet along with the male members of the flood affected housed in tents along the Sujawal Bund . They spent two days and nights right in the open till the putting up of the prefabs. This way much of the new technology was handed down to the villagers some of whom were acquainted with house building. The workers of Gul Bahao were however saddened to see that their hosts ate barely a single meal a day. On their part they tried not to be a burden on their hosts.

Addressing the villagers who had gathered to watch the spectacle, Nargis Latif, the managing trustee of Gul Bahao said that this new innovation is a source of hope for the teeming millions of Pakistan that not only can it provide housing for them but  can also provide avenues for employment and income generation. Nargis declared that the innovation is unique, that we have beaten the Americans, the Chinese, Japanese and the rest of the world in this respect.