Swimming Pool

Busti Benazir Exhibition

Gul Bahao’s two day exhibition called Busti Benazir on the occasion of Benazir Bhutto’s birthday ended on the 22nd of June. The program was jointly sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Department Sindh as well as Pakistan Steel Mills. Consisting mainly of Gul Bahao’s innovations the exhibition was a rare spectacle and enjoyed tremendously by the man in the street. The organisation had invited a group of talented folk singers who enthralled the audience with their original songs dedicated to Benazir. The venue was the area opposite Sindbad below the NIPA Bridge at about 6 pm, the sun was shining brightly on a riot of colors, shimmering silver and gold, pink, bright yellow, red and green. A soul-searing song on Benazir was being rendered while hundreds of coaches and buses carrying jam-packed passengers was slowly making its way on the over-head bridge, the passengers also acting as audience; it was a rare scene.

The exhibition was a combination of the scientific and the cultural. In between the songs the audience were being exhorted to study and use the different discoveries and innovations of Gul Bahao namely Chandi Ghar and Paki Pani. One of the speakers said that Paki Pani being a water purification method not only prevents most water-borne diseases but also cures them. Poor people, he said, would be greatly helped if their health improves. A swimming pool made from wastic blocks, an innovation of Gul Bahao, was shown filled with water. A 12 X 15 foot “Chandi Ghar” was shown looking every bit a “Chandi Ghar”.

Summing up the two-day exhibition, Nargis Latif said that Gul Bahao takes its inspiration from the martyrdom of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto who dreamed of a prosperous Pakistan. In one of her addresses to the audiences, Nargis Latif declared that ” Busti Benazir” is now another name for the research-cum exhibition centre which houses all the innovations of Gul Bahao Trust.